Thanksgiving Sunday | WE LOOK WITHIN

Our God is tooooo goooooood. 💃💃💃💃 It’s the last day of the yearrrrrrrr, God-incidentally (because there is no such thing as coincidence with me henceforth 😊) it’s also thanksgiving sunday on the blog. Remember I promised a thanksgiving sunday post every last sunday of the month in this post? Welll here we are with one. … Continue reading Thanksgiving Sunday | WE LOOK WITHIN

Thanksgiving Sunday | #NowPlaying: Made a way by Travis Greene

Hi guysss!!!! How’s your sunday going? Today on #nowplaying, I’m sharing an old but amazing song by Travis greene. Can we take a minute to appreciate the man, Travis Greene and his amazing music. He has to be one of the best things that happened to gospel music. This song is not in his new … Continue reading Thanksgiving Sunday | #NowPlaying: Made a way by Travis Greene