Today I’m sharing my top 25 most played songs of all time on my apple music since I started using it. I'm sharing this for people who are probably new to the faith and just don't know what songs to get around with. Or for someone who wants to just update their music library.


*Dusts cobwebs* Whewwww. It's been a while! Yes. It has. I sincerely don't know what happened. I just went MIA. I think youtube took my attention because I'm just growing my youtube channel   (hope you're subscribed?) so I've been trying to do more there I guess and I know that's no excuse honestly because at the … Continue reading YOU SLEEP TOO MUCH

Thanksgiving Sunday | WE LOOK WITHIN

Our God is tooooo goooooood. 💃💃💃💃 It’s the last day of the yearrrrrrrr, God-incidentally (because there is no such thing as coincidence with me henceforth 😊) it’s also thanksgiving sunday on the blog. Remember I promised a thanksgiving sunday post every last sunday of the month in this post? Welll here we are with one. … Continue reading Thanksgiving Sunday | WE LOOK WITHIN

Blogger’s block ?

Omg. Its been sooooooo long. I'm sincerely really sorry. Ive really been busy. As usual right? Sigh. Lol well thats what i've been telling peeps when they ask. But there's really no excuse tbh; I've just really had nothing to say. Funny. Because I'm a big talker/writer when I decide to. And I can just pick … Continue reading Blogger’s block ?