Today I’m sharing my top 25 most played songs of all time on my apple music since I started using it. I'm sharing this for people who are probably new to the faith and just don't know what songs to get around with. Or for someone who wants to just update their music library.

#Nowplaying: Do All Things by Fortune Angelo

Whooooooopppppp it's a new month and the Lord is faithful!! When did we start 2018 sef? We're already almost HALFWAY done! This year so far has been nothing short of amazing, through the ups and downs and the highs and lows, God has remained faithful. Today's now playing post is titled "DO ALL THINGS" by … Continue reading #Nowplaying: Do All Things by Fortune Angelo

#Np: My Easter Playlist

Heyyyy people. Did you get the memo? Jesus is ALIVEEEEEE!!!!Not like he’s not been alive since though, haha, but today is the day we officially celebrate his resurrection!! Whooop. I danced soo much today in church. I even “shaku shaku-ed” It was so amazing! This is the essence of our Christianity! The death and resurrection … Continue reading #Np: My Easter Playlist

Thanksgiving Sunday | #NowPlaying: Made a way by Travis Greene

Hi guysss!!!! How’s your sunday going? Today on #nowplaying, I’m sharing an old but amazing song by Travis greene. Can we take a minute to appreciate the man, Travis Greene and his amazing music. He has to be one of the best things that happened to gospel music. This song is not in his new … Continue reading Thanksgiving Sunday | #NowPlaying: Made a way by Travis Greene

#Np: For the One by Jenn Johnson ((AND A BIG NEWS…))

Hi guys! So the BIG NEWSSS firstI have a VLOG. Yesssss! I'm excited!! NO. I'm not. Vlogging issaa lotttt of work. But. I had to. Just had to. The Father wanted me to do it. And although I kept running from it. I eventually gave in. I was afraid of what People would say, People … Continue reading #Np: For the One by Jenn Johnson ((AND A BIG NEWS…))

#Np: Oh The Power by Kari Jobe 

My song of the week is “Oh the Power” by Kari Jobe. It’s from her new album The Garden. Weird thing about this song is I’ve had it for some time now, but I’ve been doing “jump and pass” (lol, to “jump and pass” is to change a song to the next song when your … Continue reading #Np: Oh The Power by Kari Jobe 

#Np: Unchanging God by Sinach 

 If you know me and my playlist, then you know Sinach. I absolutely love any song that comes out of that woman. Gosh! Talk about Heaven Sent. (Okay, Calm down Fadekemi) So today I’m sharing a beautiful song on my playlist. #UnchangingGod. This song is one of those songs with simple yet deep rooted lyrics. It … Continue reading #Np: Unchanging God by Sinach 

#np Indescribable by Kierra Sheard

My song of the week is Indescribable by Kierra Sheard.  It’s been on replay for over 2 weeks now actually (although the song is old) and the particular version I have is so good, maybe because it’s from a live performance.   I’ve looking for the name of the singer online but I haven’t been … Continue reading #np Indescribable by Kierra Sheard