Hey guysssss, as you know I recently got married. whooopppppp!!! And........ a lot of people kept asking why there was no "church" wedding or "white" wedding even though I gave in to a little pressure by having a short service in the hall and having a pastors joining, I made sure not to have a … Continue reading IS CHURCH WEDDING REALLY “SCRIPTURAL”?

And then these men will learn… |#IWD2019

Wether you're waiting tables or teaching toddlers or preaching to 100 instagram followers or assisting your husband with his vision or serving on the welfare team in church, as long as you're right where God wants you to be, I say congratulations sister, You're doing PURPOSE BIG TIME!


Hey people, I have a new video on youtube. In this video, I shared my experience and true confession of how to deal with envy, jealousy and bad energy. Sometimes, we admire people and they do certain things that gets us disappointed. Sometimes we cross the line from admiration to envy and we're not aware … Continue reading I WAS JEALOUS OF THIS CHRISTIAN BLOGGER |TRUE CONFESSION (video)

Lesson of the week: Toothaches and the body of Christ

Hey people, how’s your week been? Mine has been… I cannot even find the words… but I’m nothing short of thankful. Let’s get to today’s #LessonOfTheWeek post. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my instastory frequently you would know by now that I was sick this past week and the sickness started from … Continue reading Lesson of the week: Toothaches and the body of Christ

Lesson Of The Week: “Anger ruins everything”

Hello people! Another Friday is upon us and it’s another day for a post. Whoop! Who’s excited? How was your week? Mine was rather interesting. From preaching on Sunday for a youth service that was very impromptu to arguing with a colleague at work to getting qualified. It was quite an eventful week! Here are … Continue reading Lesson Of The Week: “Anger ruins everything”

The Refiner’s Fire EP1: “Demons also believe”| Can you be a saved sinner?

Hi guys! Happy new year!!! Today's post is a link up to a post which I have on my youtube channel. If you didn't know I have a youtube channel, Wow. I'm hurt. Realllyyy hurt. But. Its fine. At least now you do. 😊 Anyway, God laid this 2-part series called "The refiner's fire" on … Continue reading The Refiner’s Fire EP1: “Demons also believe”| Can you be a saved sinner?

Thanksgiving Sunday | WE LOOK WITHIN

Our God is tooooo goooooood. 💃💃💃💃 It’s the last day of the yearrrrrrrr, God-incidentally (because there is no such thing as coincidence with me henceforth 😊) it’s also thanksgiving sunday on the blog. Remember I promised a thanksgiving sunday post every last sunday of the month in this post? Welll here we are with one. … Continue reading Thanksgiving Sunday | WE LOOK WITHIN

What if your Pastor is tired?

So as usual, you’re going about your daily routine again today. Work, school, business or simply just house chores… And then you hear it, last time it was from a picture posted on Instagram, the other time from a YouTube video and now you hear it again, in your heart, you know its God, its … Continue reading What if your Pastor is tired?

Mustard seed? TOO SMALL.

MUSTARD SEED FAITH IS NOT ENOUGH.I know.I know you have heard that, faith the size of the mustard seed is enough to solve the situation.I know you have also heard just a little faith can push God to do that thing you want.I know even Jesus said in Matt 17:20 to the disciples “…if you … Continue reading Mustard seed? TOO SMALL.