The most frequently asked question I hear from this generation is, “How do I find my purpose in life?” And most of us imagine purpose as this big stage creating conferences and masterclasses and glorifying in our “self” ability to impact.

I want to impact people” we say. “I want someone to look at me and say because of you I didn’t give up” Yes all that is cute but is that why you do what you do?

For the praises of men?

In this motivational speaking world, we must be careful not to get carried away with talks about purpose and pressure it brings on people in a bid to look “busy” or “productive”.

Yes the idea of knowing what you’re created for is good, but there is no real purpose outside of Christ! Our purpose is Christ! As believers we must remember not to conform to this world’s way of thinking, we must secure our minds by renewing it daily with the word.

The fact is, if you acquire everything in this world yet you do not have Christ it is FUTILE!

If you “INSPIRE” and “IMPACT” people yet do not have Christ, it is POINTLESS! Infact if you give to the poor but do not find a way to preach Christ, you have not done well because Christ is what really saves people.

We must not get carried away.

The bible even says, If you give your body to be burned for others yet you do it outside God its NOTHING! (1 Corinthians 13)

So am I saying believers should not know their purpose and that purpose is a bad thing? No. Absolutely not. By all means if God has given you a blueprint for your life, that’s amazing and commendable but I am saying seek the father first before seeking purpose. Learn to walk with the holy spirit per time because even if you know your purpose you still need the holy spirit’s guidance in all things and getting things done. We must learn and understand obedience as the gateway to really fulfilling purpose!

I talk extensively about this generation’s obsession with this purpose thing and what our real purpose is in my recent youtube video.

I hope you get the whole idea of the video and remember that WALKING per time with God is your real purpose in life.

And for those of us that are still young and are CLINGING to Christ but looking like we are still trying to find our feet in this world, NO PRESSURE! WE ARE IN CHRIST!


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