YES!! LITERALLY! YouVersion changed my life, so I know it will if you allow her.

“Her” because anything that grows and is fruitful is referred to as “her” lol.

First of all, Happy new month! And happy birthday to the blog! Today the blog is 4 years old! Wow its been a long time coming. I think I’ll do a different post to capture my thoughts on this. But wish me happy birthday in the comment section!

I feel so terrible that I have become a “monthly blogger” sigh. I apologize, I just have alot on my plate but I know its not an excuse really because all I really have to do is spend less time on Zee World and on Instagram and channel that time I use there to plan, prepare and write posts right?! Speaking of Instagram, if you’re looking for me during the week, you can catch up with me there.

So I was saying, happy new month! This month I plan to smash many goals and the most important goal is to FINALLY release my book! Putting it out here so I can be accountable and finally finish the book because I’ve been so lazy and non-challant about this book I started writing since august last year!!

I also have spiritual goals to smash too and if you’re like me, you’d definitely need a little help and this is where the YOUVERSION BIBLE APP will help to radically transform your life! NO I AM NOT EXAGGERATING!

Let me tell you why you need the bible app:

  1. You can listen to the bible! How cool is this please??? Yep you heard me right, the youversion bible app has an audio option for quite a number of bible versions and for me this is the coolest part of it, so when i’m on the bus or taking a prayer walk, i can plug in my earpiece and whollaa! I’m dinning with my daddy in heaven!
  2. The daily bible verses! This one is also super awesome. Imagine you’re about to fight someone or insult your colleague and you suddenly get a notification and its Ecc 7:9 that says “Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools“, how fast will you easily say sorry even if you’re not sorry and leave the person because you don’t want to be a fool? Haha! I can relate. So how this works is, you set a daily reminder to get notified at specific times about the verse of the day and it will never miss a second! its that efficient. For example today’s bible verse stood out for me that when I posted on my whatsapp status, a friend also talked about how it spoke to her!
  3. The bible plans! This is actually the best part about youversion and the part that CHANGED MY LIFE, well, Jesus changed my life but yeah, you get the drift. On the youversion bible app, you can search for any topic bothering you or any topic you want to have knowledge about and you will find a bible reading plan for that situation. There are devotionals from all over the world that can help you, from parenting to marriage to friendships to finances, everything really! I recently just completed a bible reading plan called “through the word”, a plan that explains the chapters of the bible via a podcast that is embedded in it but my focus was on the book of revelation.
  4. You can share with your friends. Another cool feature. You can share what you’re reading, the bible plans, your highlighted bible verses and you can even study a bible plan with your friends as a group! Everyone comments on their thoughts and lessons learnt as soon as they are done with their study for the day. You can also add your friends who also have the app and communicate with each other. How cool is it to have an app that promotes spiritual growth and not strife or competition! very cool right!
  5. You can search for any keywords from the whole bible using any version you want and it will bring it out!!
  6. It also has the option of creating verse image, so you can pick a picture and design with your favorite bible verse on it and make it your wall paper. Too cool!
  7. Finally it has over 50 bible versions and the way it projects the AMPLIFIED version is my absolute best because it puts a back story behind any verse that needs explanation. same with the NIV that explains a book before starting.

There are alot of other options to be honest that I cannot say and I probably have not unlocked lol, its better experienced than described. If you don’t have the app, you’re sleeping on a moving bicycle.

In the spirit of setting goals and taking new strides, I would be starting a 21-days bible plan tomorrow, 2nd April 2019, and would love everyone to join me as a group study! So I’ll give a short review everyday on the blog and on my social media, by God’s grace. Its a bible plan that will help you especially if you are new to the faith and looking to rejuvenate and the best part is you will not do it alone!

If you’re with me, click this link to join the bible plan.

Lets do big things this month!

By the way, If there are other features you know youversion does that I didn’t mention, kindly comment below, lets learn together.

Love & Light.


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