And then these men will learn… |#IWD2019

“oh God I can’t wait to finish with all this wedding preparations and get back into purpose” I said rather exhausted this morning as I spoke to God during my quiet time.

Planning weddings are quite stressful! No wonder the OT requires a one year break after wedding for the couple 😂

I kid you not!

“If a man has recently married, he must not be sent to war or have any other duty laid on him. For one year he is to be free to stay at home and bring happiness to the wife he has married.”
Deuteronomy 24:5

Yup. It’s right there!

But this is purpose…” I heard a still voice respond back.

It is? I asked.

Yes my child it is. Look at Proverbs 31:15

So I opened my bible and God showed me…

“She gets up while it is still night; she provides food for her family and portions for her female servants.”
Proverbs 31:15

This is part of her purpose, rising up early and getting stuff done because you see purpose is the one thing that will keep you up early and keep you going!

And then I got what God was saying.

You see, I was the girl who screamed “marriage is not an achievement!” at every gender based comment or argument, as the case may be, about women and marriage.

So I told God how can you say marriage is purpose too because I didn’t want to relay God’s exact words as he showed me, I didn’t want to look like an hypocrite who now believes marriage is purpose simply because I am now married.

But God made me understand better.

You would never take something as serious as marriage serious if you didn’t see it as part of purpose!

(see what I did there? 😎)

But it is! If you decide to marry, it’s part of your life’s journey and you must take it as serious as you would take your career!

Abba showed me that,

Purpose is not the big stage or the big pay check, purpose is not what you suddenly arrive at.

Purpose is right where you are as long as you’re at the centre of God’s will.

Whether you’re busy tending to your home as a woman or submitting to your husband or at the pinnacle of your career or in the period of seeming stagnancy because God says wait, wherever you are, as long as youre right where God asked you to be, you’re doing PURPOSE!

Mind blowing right?


There are so many women who look to other women and instead of drawing inspiration and appreciation for the job that woman is doing we find ourselves competiting because we’ve been told we have to “find purpose”

We are so anxious to do purpose as we think it is that we miss the whole purpose.

There are others who God is saying wait to but you’re afraid to wait because it seems like every other person is doing BIG THINGS!

There are others who are actually scared because they’ve not found their purpose but day by day you’re walking with Abba and you’re been obedient to his instructions! Sister, That is PURPOSE!

There are others who are scared to speak up on their convictions because people will label them “too spiritual” or in my own scenerio for this morning “too marriage focused” or hypocritical…

Abba wants you to know darling Sister, that whether you’re waiting tables or teaching toddlers or preaching to 100 instagram followers or halting your career to attend to your family’s needs or preaching at big stadiums or garnering YouTube subscribers or assisting your husband with his vision or serving on the welfare team in church, as long as you’re right where God wants you to be, then you’re doing PURPOSE ! and I say congratulations sister, You’re doing PURPOSE BIG TIME!

Don’t be shamed for doing exactly what God wants you to do!

This is how we balance for better, and create a world where every woman (and man) can shine; by staying right in Gods will and doing what God would have us do because purpose is not an event, it’s a journey, a very long journey that really has no end!

When every one plays their part just like the father wills and lovingly carries out our duties then this world would be balanced and there’ll be no need for gender wars and competition even as women because our major issues most of the time as women is other women!

Imagine a world where women truly supported women because we know there’s no need to be jealous!

But until the world sees the way the father sees, we who are Christian women will choose to do better and act right by our sisters! We will remember that love is kind and love is patient and love is the answer and so we will treat everyone with love and the world will learn from us!

Together we can take the world and balance it for better!

The world is already our canvas, we just have to keep painting and then these men will learn!

Happy International Women’s Day!



4 thoughts on “And then these men will learn… |#IWD2019

  1. Purpose in my christian journey has always been confusing, i get weary when my friends says they discovered there purpose…but this article right here says as long as you working and waiting in God’s path, then that’s a Big purpose.
    Thank you Fadekemi and happy married life( i am expecting triplet God willing) xoxo.

    Liked by 1 person

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