Hi people of fadekesays land! Haha, is that a thing?

My name is Fisayo Adeyemi, sometimes Fadeke calls me Fiffs.

So if you asked me the “who are you?” question, I’ll say I’m fun, inquisitive and I like to try new things, especially things that challenge me physically and intellectually.


But there’s more…

I’m a blogger and I blog at http://www.fisayoade.com. I started my blog as a means of escape from the real world, I just had the desire to let it all out and from there I realized that it was more than just an escape, it was real. Real people followed me, real people get blessed by my words and it became more than just a hobby. What fuels me now is knowing I can encourage someone, regardless of where or who they are. The world is already a toxic place, being able to reach hundreds of people with a positive message means a lot to me.


Here are other random facts about me:

  1. The first thing I notice about people is their face and how they smell.
  2. I can’t tell exactly when I got saved. (haha), however I remember making decisions to grow spiritually and get to know God on a personal level. That’s when it all started. So yes I believe I now have a personal relationship with God even though I’ve always been a church girl that knew about God but it didn’t mean I was saved.
  3. The last time I cried was Last week Monday lol
  4. If I could advice my 20 year old self, honestly I’ll simply say “Enjoy every stage you are at in life babe”
  5. When people say they have found their purpose, I find it interesting because personally, I can only say I have found my calling for this season of my life, and it continues to unfold. I won’t say I know it all, or know all the plans God has for me but I can affirm that he definitely has plans for me, and they are good plans. Sometimes a lot of us make it sound really complicated when searching for our purpose in life, stay with God, stay in God, start from doing the things he has asked you to do as a believer. Start from the written word of God and eventually, desires will begin to rise inside of you and you will know its God speaking to you. It is never Gods plan to hide your purpose from you. Okurrrrr
  6. The hardest battle I’ve  faced in my walk with God so far is complacency and indiscipline. In fact i’m still battling it. Firstly is very easy to get really comfortable with where you are that you don’t desire for more and that’s a really bad place to be, where you’re not growing spiritually and you don’t even know it. The desire to spend time with God isn’t always there, I have to push myself beyond how I feel, but it gets better everyday and I challenge everyone to do the same.

Thank you guys for staying with me till the end. You can reach me on fisayoadeyemii@gmail.com and on  IG & Twitter: @fisayoade @fisayoade_ respectively and you can follow me on my blog: http://www.fisayoade.com

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