If I asked you, how are you? What would you say? I know the first thing you’d say is “I’m fine”

Well if you ask me I’ll also say I’m doing great and riding with the holyghost. 😂

But the thing is I’m not always doing great, sometimes I have doubts in my head, sometimes I have worries and I have struggles.

This isn’t even a depression thing, its about feeling inadequate, dealing with hypocrisy and dealing with managing the fire in my christian life.

The other day on my insta story, I asked my followers what their biggest christian struggle is and I got a series of answers that made me realize, the hustle is the same everywhere.

I decided I’ll do a live video to talk about these struggles so do follow me on instagram so we can talk about it.

My biggest christian struggle is practicing what I preach. Sometimes i’m caught up doing things I have told others not to do, for example the other day I clearly heard the holyspirit ask me to get up to pray but instead I was telling him I really needed to sleep and he told me you sleep too much and I remembered my own blogpost. sigh. This is one of the many experiences.

Another one I face is dealing with inadequacy. I remember I was invited me to speak at an event, I initially asked God and he told me yes. Only for the event to start getting closer and I started feeling inadequate and unqualified to talk about God. God had to keep reminding me that of course, its not about me but about him! And this helped me calm down. I shared an excerpt of my teaching titled “fighting depression and discouragement: The good fight of faith. I talked about how the mind works and what to do when discouraging thoughts come, make sure to watch. Click here to watch.

I’ll talk about the other issues I face in my live video on instagram. Make sure you’re following.

Anyway, the holyspirit has been able to teach me that God does not “condemn”. When you see your real heart condition in your walk with God, its for you to adjust and align to his will not to feel you cant do it anymore or that the walk is too tough for you.

If you ever feel “condemned” because of sin or whatever. Its not God, trust me. God’s arms are always open for correction not condemnation.

What is your biggest christian struggle?


  1. I was thinking yesterday about having faith in God and I realized and said to myself it is lot easier to believe and hold on to God when He has at least fulfilled some of the things you believed Him for. My major struggle is that in spite of my faith and walk with God things have not turned out as expected and this is affecting me badly.

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    1. Awww Hi Danny. Sometimes things don’t turn out as expected because God has better and more for us. We think we know whats best but God ultimately does and it may seem like that expectation you want is what is good for you until you realize you were wrong.

      I completely understand you but you’d have to learn trust. Trusting God is really hard but it’s what we must do.

      In the place of trusting also dedicate time to spending quality time with God to ask him like you would ask a friend “wassup?” Let him explain what’s going on to you. Hearing from God keeps our hearts at peace. And we can hold on to his word even in the storm.

      Also pray more in the spirit (aka tongues). It greatly energizes us and helps to give clarity.

      Also try to thank God ahead. Have an attitude of thanksgiving and protect your joy. Let it always radiate from your insides not based on what is happening outside. Let it come from your innermost being. Let it come from your spirit that is now one with God. Don’t be moved bu trials and situations around you. They shall pass ❤️
      Thank you for your comment. ❤️


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