Many times we believe the lies of the enemy and we allow depression and anxiety make a room in our hearts.

We actually allow them make a home in our hearts, because many of us, haven’t come to the realization of who our father is.

Oh, Our father is provider, he is our helper, he is yahweh, he is the lion of the tribe of Judah, the one that sits in the heavens and made the earth his footstool, most importantly, HE IS OUR FRIEND 💕

When we come to understanding of his mightiness and his majesty, we start to walk different, talk different, it influences our confidence level and then we start to BRAG DIFFERENT.

Understanding who the father is helps us to see life differently and go through life differently because everything we will become will start from our minds!

So this is what the new gang in town is about, its the #thebragdifferentgang!

A gang that know who they are and whose they are. A gang that stands out because of who we are, a gang that slays and prays. A gang that walks in understanding! This is what the whole gang is about, we’re a gang that shows forth God through our t-shirts, we’re a gang that sees God through fashion…

Knowing that we have this confidence, not of ourselves, not that we boast or glory in our flesh but WE BOAST IN GOD and knowing that he cares for us helps us to stay confident in him. We know God is our provider and so we BRAG DIFFERENT. We are the confident generation, the royal priesthood. We are the BRAG DIFFERENT GANG.

If you don’t already get the point 😁, what I’m trying to say is, the other day I LAUNCHED MY OWN MERCH!!! (aka an online t-shirt store, I’m saying “MERCH” because we will definitely expand to other branded items, not just t-shirts)

I know y’all excited!!!! I am too!!! I can’t wait for you to join the gang!!

To order email or follow @thebragdifferentgang to join the gang!!!



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