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Hey people, It’s a new month! And my theme of the month is FREEDOM. And I’m holding on to it like a dog holds on to bone. Haha. In the spirit of freedom, today I’m here with a liberating post!

If there’s one thing many Christians, especially young Christians have issues with, it’s usually “How to hear from God” and I quite understand. It can be frustrating to want to “hear God” about certain aspects of our lives yet we can hear nothing. Quite a number of people have actually requested this post for a while now and recently someone asked me again in the comment section and I decided it was time!

So let’s talk about how to hear from God.

First of all, you should know God speaks via several ways, It could be that TV show, it could be via signs, could be via prophets, pastors etc. The most important of the ways in my opinion is the inward voice/witness. This is the most powerful way which leaves you would ABSOLUTELY convicted because God would tell you DIRECTLY.

For this post I would be focusing on this method. I like this particular “method” because it kind of works for me more. Like I just sit and speak to God and he responds.

Before we go further the first thing to note as a believer is that your spirit is now REGENERATED.

“He saved us, not on the basis of deeds which we have done in righteousness, but according to His mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewing by the Holy Spirit, whom He poured out upon us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior” Titus 3:5-6

 Every human is made of a spirit, soul and body, the bible shows us that there is such a thing as that.

“I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” 1Thes 5:23

In Hebrew 4:12, the bible said the word of God is as sharp as a double edged sword that can penetrate through the spirit, soul and body. So we know there’s a distinction between these entities that make up every human. We all know what our body is, the body is the container that houses the believer, the soul and the spirit is the tricky part. This one is a whole teaching on its own.

But in summary, the spirit is the original life that was breathed in man initially, that is, the one that is in the image of God. So when the bible says we are created in the image of God, it is the spirit. Not our physical component. If not, it means God has many faces. Lol

Anyway, the spirit of man was JUST LIKE GOD’s OWN in the beginning and it was ONE WITH GOD until Adam MISSED THE MARK (aka sinned) and then the spirit DIED. That’s why the scripture says the wages of sin is death. It’s a spiritual death. It means separation.

So when Adam and Eve sinned, our spirit died and we became separate from God.

When JESUS CAME everything changed, because he took away our iniquity and then when a person believes in the message of the cross their spirit becomes regenerated. And you immediately became one with God again!

Somebody shout hallelujah!


There’s still something left that has not been regenerated…

Yes, you guessed right, the SOUL.The soul is the MAN himself. The man before and after Christ.

So when the SPIRIT becomes regenerated. God’s spirit begins to dwell in the spirit of such believer and God can find expression in that believer. And can relate with such a believer because he’s now ONE WITH GOD. Remember it’s the spirit not the soul. The most important part to understand with all this analysis is that God’s spirit dwells with the spirit of EVERY, not some, EVERY true believer.

So he dwells in you and me. All of us! And there’s no junior holyspirit. The same holyspirit in you, if you truly believe is the same one in Apostle Paul, Daddy G.O, Joshua Selman, DDK and even the same one that raised Jesus from the dead.

Now the soul has become so used to these worlds system before the person believed, that’s why it’s hard to hear from God, not that he’s not speaking, but the soul needs training.

Now that you know for sure that you have a regenerated spirit. And that God dwells in your spirit; you need to start allowing the expression of the spirit of God in you.

Training yourself to hear from God

  1. Believe that God can truly talk to you. One of the problems is faith. A lot of people doubt the spirit of God so much in them. That they hear something in their “mind” and they say that can’t be God. Don’t do that sis. It’s not your mind, give him credit. It’s the holyspirit.
  2. Pray more in the spirit. When you pray more in the spirit (that is in tongues) you train your spirit man and edify the spirit to work more. This worked for me. I started been more effective with hearing God when I spent more time in the place of praying in tongues.
  3. When you hear that inward voice giving you instructions. Gauge it. Ask yourself. Is it the Devil? Is it Me (my flesh) or Is it God?
  4. Train yourself constantly and consistently with WHAT YOU FEED YOUR MIND WITH. If you eat spiritual Junk all the time, you will be full of worldly fat and you will be too big of nonsense to hear anything. It will literally make you deaf. I know this might be another cliché point but it is very VALID!!! You cannot be feeding yourself with all these worldly things, you don’t pray, you don’t study the word, and you now watch series 7 days a week, no worship song to edify your spirit man. How will you hear? Your spirit is okay, but it cannot relate with your soul because it’s filled with JUNK.

If you starve yourself of spiritual food, the WORD, how will you gauge what your mind is saying as the word of God?


How do you know God is telling you that thing in your mind?

It will be consistent with the word of God.

How do you know it is you or your mind?

You ask yourself, Will my flesh be glorified if I do this thing?

How do you know if its the enemy,

Ask yourself, what will the enemy gain if I do this thing? It goes back to knowing the word.

A very practical and relatable example.

I won a free ticket one time and manyyyyyyyy, (when I say many, I mean many, lol) people wanted to go with me. I didn’t have a boyfren at that time so I started asking God who I should take, then (in layman term) I felt something in me say, why not do a giveaway. I said Ahhhhhhhh. Noooo. So I gauged it. #thegaugetest

Is it me and is it pleasing my flesh? No. I didn’t want to do it! Me, that I wanted to make a youtube video sef. haha

Next up, Is it the devil? Why would he want me to give? The enemy never wants us to give. He never gives. He’s a taker, a thief and a killer.

So boom. I got my answer. It was God!

Really it’s in the small small things.

Another example of how God just subtly drops things in our spirit and how we can confirm with the word.

After I announced the giveaway, a lot of entries came in and I just sat there and said, Lord how do I choose a winner and again I heard in my spirit, “and they casted lots”, which was what happened in Acts 1:23-26 when the apostles wanted to choose a replacement for Judas.

So I remembered that verse and went to look it up, I wrote down all the names and prayed over them. And then I casted the lot and a name came up. And the name came up TWICE!

So the moral is, If I didn’t stay in the place of studying the word, how would “they casted lots” have made sense to me? I probably wouldn’t have even heard anything to be honest.

By now, you should have figured out this isn’t a simple 1+1=2, there’s no automatic answer, you cannot hear your father’s voice if you don’t recognize it and you can only recognize it if you spend time with him.

In my next post we would talk about FLEECEs if it is advisable as a means of “hearing from God” and we will also discuss hearing God in specific situations subsequently.

Until then, I recommend the book, How to be led by the spirit of God by Kenneth Hagin. It will liberate you!

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5 thoughts on “HOW TO HEAR GOD | #TheGaugeTest

  1. Wow, thank you so so much for this detailed piece on hearing from God. I have been struggling with this. One thing is key, I need to know the Word, pray more in the Spirit and watch what I feed my spirit man with.
    Keep it coming please. 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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