Book Review: ENIOLA

First of all I have to say WELDONE to you, Frances for such a DEEP book.

If I was asked to describe this book in one word, DEEP would be the word.

From the moment I started reading this book, I was CAPTIVATED. It was obvious God was the author of this book, especially for me!

Let me explain.

Just a few days before this book was been publicized, I had an encounter with God. He told me several things and one of the things I saw was a sort of vision about a young lady who was being abused by a man. It was obvious she was being abused. I was so hurt, I immediately wanted to rescue her, that’s when Jesus says, this is the next assignment on your plate, to reach out to young abused females.

I’m there like wow, Abba, WOW. I’ve never been abused sexually or physically, in the real context of ABUSE except slight touching by cousins who probably didn’t know what they were doing at that time.

So I really didn’t know how I would start or what to do.Then about 3 days later, my friend, Teniola, posted about the book “ENIOLA” and the fact that the author needed a social media buzz team. I saw it at first and scrolled pass until the Holy Spirit reminded me of the vision. I was immediately ALERT!

And then I asked to join the team and here I am, OVERWHELMED with this burden again for abused women, not just sexually but physically and mentally.

It’s starting to make sense now why God asked me to start a female only group at the beginning of the year in January. At that time I said to myself but God I’m not a “role model”, what am I going to teach these women? How do I handle women? Women are really difficult to handle, they get wahala etc etc… But I’ve come to understand that wisdom does not come from the east or south, wisdom comes from God. Of course, over these past 8 months with these women, there have been ups and downs but I realize if God is in something, then it is SETTLED.

Now you understand why I was CAPTIVATED.

That being said allow me introduce the book ENIOLA to you.

Name of book: ENIOLA


Genre: Pain, Abuse, Romance, love, God, Hope (Everything dey this book 😂)

Did I love this book: ABSOLUTELY!!!!!

Summary: The story is centered on 4 women who encountered abuse and dysfunctionality at an early age: Eniola, who was raped by her boyfriend and 4 other senior boys in secondary school, who knows nothing but hate for the word love because of this abuse.

Lyna, a girl who is mad at the world along with her two uncles who started it all.

Gloria, a scared child whose daddy rubbed Vaseline on her bom-bom one night in order to play a game that led to losing her virginity, femininity and self-worth.

And Frances, a girl from a broken home who wants love but ends up getting it in the wrong places, with abuse trailing her from the man who says he loves her and blood on her hands from two abortions..

Favorite Character: I cannot think of any character I loved to be honest, lol I think the author wasn’t so keen on building any particular character. It was more about the bigger message of pain, healing and restoration.

Character I hated: Hmmm… I’ll go with Sam. He really did Eniola dirty. Gosh. How can you invite 4 boys to come and rape your girlfriend just to “open the road” for you for easy access? Wow!

And AGNES! Aunty you’re mean oh! I won’t tell you what she did. 😷🤐Go and read!🤗😜😁

Who should read: Young girls, Parents and guardians (so they can learn to open their eyes when they’re raising their children and protect them from predators) also those going through hurt, pain from past abuse. Basically EVERYONE so you can see pain from a different level.

This book taught me that:

  1. Life is not all a bed of roses, there is darkness in this world and as Christians we have to go shine light in all the dark places of this world.
  2. Sometimes you see people and their actions and you judge them based on their NOW not knowing where they’re coming from. We should stop that and begin to see the potential in everyone and what good they can do just like Christ sees us.
  3. People who hurt people were once hurt by people, it’s a cycle really. I’ve heard men say their first sex experience was initiated by an older woman they weren’t planning to do anything with. And then we have women who have been abused too by men. Most of these people who bring pain on others have also been hurt one way or the other.
  4. As Christians, when people or unbelievers bring their issues to you, the ultimate thing to do should not be condemnation but try to understand from their point of view and talk about the love of Christ. DO NOT CONDEMN! NO MATTER THE GRAVITY OF THE SIN.
  5. That God still cares about every one, just like the scripture says, that he is not willing that ANY should perish; his plan is not to provide heaven for some and push some to HELL. No his plan and his real heart desire would be for ALL to come to the knowledge of him. THERE IS REDEMPTION FOR EVERYONE.
  6. God saves us to save others! I’ve had my own share of emotional wreck moving from one man to another and I remember when one of the women in my group talked to me about a situation I had personally gone through myself and as she was talking, she said I might not understand because she thought I was perfect. Lol but I understood because I had been there and really no body is perfect. Anyway I was able to help give reasonable solutions because I had experienced it myself. So yes, God saves us to save others. Just like Nifemi was used in the book. So take whatever lesson that is to be learnt in whatever you’re going through and when God requires you to help others through what you’ve grown through, make yourself available.
  7. Finally, we all need to come to the understanding that we don’t have to be good before coming to God. We cannot be “good” by our own accord. Come to Christ first and then the cleansing will happen. God makes us good.

If you’re feeling like your sins are so great for God to handle, let me tell you that you are so WRONG! But this book will remind you again of the reckless love of the father and it will LIBERATE YOU.

come unto me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28

The book is available for FREE download today (MONDAY, 10th September 2018) on okadabooks until midnight! Follow the steps in the picture below. Don’t miss it!

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