Hey people. 💃💃

How y’all doing.

It’s a new month and I’m glad to be finally back on here. I’ve been MIA here I know. Sigh.

If you’re new here. You’re welcome ❤️

So recently my friend asked me this question, “Kemi if two believers make a mistake and fornicate, will their marriage still honor God?”

The question took me aback at first like wow. What a question! Lol. I answered in the best way I could at that time but then I felt led to answer the question yet again for some reason I don’t know. Maybe its for someone feeling condemned by their actions.

So I made a very short video on my youtube channel and I know it may come off at a point as judgmental but I can tell you that was not my intention.

God doesn’t care about your past. He cares about what you’re willing to do to change that situation NOW.

He cares about NOW.

He’s more interested in repentance than in condemnation.

The father NEVER condemns.

So that being said, the video is quite spontaneous, so no judgement I was more concerned in hitting the nail on the head and keeping it SHORT. I hope you learn something, enjoy it and it illuminates you. 😘


The conversation continues in the comment section. Do you think there’s a curse on such believers that fornicate together? Do you believe in soul ties? What are your thoughts? Tell me!

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