*Dusts cobwebs*

Whewwww. It’s been a while!

Yes. It has. I sincerely don’t know what happened. I just went MIA. I think youtube took my attention because I’m just growing my youtube channel   (hope you’re subscribed?) so I’ve been trying to do more there I guess and I know that’s no excuse honestly because at the beginning of this year the goal was to put out content at least every week. Anyway, I’m here now! Glory to God.

In my defense though, apart from my youtube channel the other thing that took my attention is a “project” I’ve been working on but I cannot talk about it yet, sorry guys 😊 but I honestly cannot wait to share it! Whoop!

So on to my major announcement WHICH SHOULD BE THE FIRST THING YOU SHOULD HAVE NOTICED (no I’m not shouting) but if you’ve not noticed, I’ll tell you!!


The blog now has a new name! 💃💃 If you’re not excited, well I know where you fall now. Hater 🌚 haha. Jk.

The blog is still hosted on WordPress but I now have my own domain name. So to search for me all you have to do is type in “” no need to add the “wordpress” anymore.

I’m pretty hyped about this because it’s a step forward for the blog and for any blogger really. I hope to put out more God-inspired content and grow as the day goes by.

Talking about growth, how many of us have been craving to grow spiritually especially in our prayer life? But prayer just feels like stress and we just don’t know how to go around it?

Well, I’ve been in that shoe before, getting bored while praying, seeing prayer as stressful, tiring and boring. Yes brethren, I know exactly how you feel. Lol. I’ve had to go through the process and because I’m always here to help 😁 I’ll share some helpful tips to boost your prayer life. (Thank me later)

1. Be disciplined and intentional: I know you rolled your eyes at this! So cliche! Ikr 😂 Well sorry oh but this is always this first thing for me in any “how to” or “tips to” even if it’s just a teaching on baking or how to lay your bed every morning. 😂 Because to grow in anything at all in life you have to be disciplined and make a tough decision to be intentional. It will not always be rosy. You’ll probably not enjoy praying for 30minutes on your first attempt. You’ll get tired and weary but you keep pushing through! You decide by yourself not to give up! Really this is a life principle. Discipline is soooo important. Don’t be the christian who cannot bring their body under subjection or wake up early. I would have also said plan your prayer time but, planning is useless if you don’t implement the plan. So let’s say you have a plan to pray 3 times daily but when your alarm rings you decide you quickly want to watch a movie before praying, gradually you’ll forget and that’s it. You won’t pray. You see why I started with discipline? Exactly. Anyway you have to prioritize and decide that this prayer life is very important for you and cut on some excesses.

2. Bible study: You cannot grow in your prayer life if you’re not a student of the word. It’s cannot just work. It’s an ERROR function. 😂 Trust me. My prayer life improved when I started spending time with the word. Because the word is a two edged sword that pierces through the spirit and the soul, the word does something to man, it shows you who you are. It is as a mirror. You begin to behold till you become! Don’t ever underestimate the power of the word. It’s too powerful.
If you have issues with studying your bible, check out this blog post and I trust it will help you.

3. Cut sleep: You sleep too much. Yes. I said it 🤣 ahan. So you cannot sacrifice just 30minutes extra to dedicate to your prayer life? But you want to grow? Continue! The holyspirit had to correct me one time when I was using the excuse of waking up before 5am for work to sleep at EVERY CHANCE I GET. Like it became so bad that in a whole month I had not read any book and my prayer life had spiraled down. The Holyspirit literally had to tell me, aunty, if you don’t discipline yourself in this area, you won’t get much out of life.

Abeg, who sleep ep sef? When people are slaying demons in the spirit, I’m busy sleeping. 😂 I had to wake up oh. Ah. Before they get me. 😂

Okay on a serious note now, you have to sacrifice your sleep time at least wake up 30minutes earlier. Honestly no one has an excuse of I’m too “busy”.

I discussed many other helpful tips like using worship music and prayer journals on my channel.

Click here to watch and remember to subscribe, like and share. I promise it will bless you!

This has been a rather good year of growth for me and I’m so happy to walk this journey with you guys on the blog, on my youtube channel and with my father who is also my helper, my confidant, my friend, my maker, my way maker, my best friend, my king, my lover, my protector, my everything ❤️

Here’s to growth and having a great friend in Jesus 🥂

I’m on twitter & Instagram: @fadeke_

10 thoughts on “YOU SLEEP TOO MUCH

  1. Laughing at you waking up before the demons get you 😂😂😂… I laugh but it’s happened to be severely were after a fast I’m woken up by such dreams, clearly cause the spiritual realm has been stirred up. I think for me, this always brings me back to a place of prayer, cause of the sharp reminder that the spirit world is real. Sometimes when I’m too tired to concentrate on the word, I try listen to preaches or plenty Christian podcasts that are on YouTube. This was a great post and I’m inspired to spend more time with God! 😊

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