Heyyyyyyyy people!!

What a time to be alive!!! You can tell I’m excited and I’m sure you can guess why just from the title of this blog post but incase, you’re forming “OBLIVIOUS” 🌚 Well, I’ll tell you. I’m excited because Nigeria beat Iceland 2-0 at the world cup and Ahmed Musa the super eagles made us prouuudddddddddddd. 💃💃💃

Actually, this is not the primary reason for my excitement. I’m excited because I actually predicted this particular match before hand and I tell you, flesh and blood did not reveal it to me but my father who is in heaven…

Okay let me explain. 😂

So earlier in the day, before the match, I was scrolling through my instagram and I noticed a follower was doing a giveaway on his business page.

The rule was simple. Predict the score correctly for the super eagles match and win a free t-shirt.

And immediately I saw it, something, I’ll like to say “HOLYSPIRIT” now, told me to just type in 2-0 in favour of Nigeria. It didn’t make sense to me and I wasn’t even interested in the t-shirt to be very honest. I even kept scrolling and didn’t respond to that “something”. But again. I heard it. It’s 2-0. I was like. Okay. Nothing spoil. Let me just type it in, I don’t have anything to lose. So I did.

And then the match started 6hours after.

When the match started, some minutes in, I remembered my prediction and I thought it was ridiculous especially because people started saying “they were just passing the ball around” and the game was “boring”. I started to think why did I think super eagles will win? 😂 It was then I posted on my whatsapp story #justforlaughs

Stay with me, this was the FIRST LESSON!!!

1. When God gives you a message, what people say should not change what you believe. STICK WITH THAT WORD.

I didn’t believe it was possible after that first half anymore because of the things people started saying. And thats how many of us Christians are. God has told you, you will be a father of nations just like Abraham but you’re busy looking at your age and what people are saying!

I’m here to tell you that if God has given you a promise, he WILL SURELY DO IT, because our God is not man and he never ever lies. It’s a matter of us trusting God and trusting him completely and his promise.

This is how faith is built. It is BUILT ON THE WORD of God. Whether the spoken word (the bible *Logos* ) or your personal encounter with him (Rhema)

This takes me to the SECOND lesson.

2. Faith is built on the word of God.

All the people who had faith is the scripture had faith because they were banking on the WORD. They believed in the potency of the WORD and they held on to it. If you have nothing to hold on to, your faith will shake. I’ve shared the testimony of how I got a job and how it helped build my faith because I had the word of God preceding the action. So listen to what God is saying to you about that situation. If its a matter already settled in the scripture (LOGOS which is the word for general knowledge) like healing, salvation, provision then you hold on to it. No need saying you’re seeking the will of God concerning these (except in rare situations) but if it’s a pecuilar issue like getting a spouse, choosing/leaving a job, school/admission choice, career path etc. then you should hear what God is saying FIRST concerning that issue and then you roll with it and hold on to it. This is called RHEMA which means revealed knowledge precise for specific situations. If you haven’t heard anything about that situation, it will be hard to have faith honestly and you might be having wrong faith. So first seek the will of God before “claiming faith”.

But in seeking the will of God, you have to be able to even hear God and recognize his voice in the first place. Lol. I think it was part of the problem for me in this situation. So it leads to the 3rd lesson.

3. Recognize the voice of God

I promised to do an “How to hear from God” post the other day, but I’ve just been going over it. I will get my notes and do a post on it very soon, might be a youtube video though, so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. Hearing from God is very key as christians and we can train ourselves to hear from God. It’s a gradual process. Little by little you learn to recognize his voice clearly.

If I had recognized that it was God that gave me that prediction, I bet I would have been VERY CONFIDENT. That’s the thing with many of us, we don’t recognize his voice, we give the accolades to “intuition” or “Something just told me” instead of the Holyspirit.

So how do you know when its God speaking, not you and not the devil?

It will be something that is consistent with the word of God, for God does not author Confusion. E.g God cannot ask you to marry an already married man. 🌚

It will also not be something your flesh would be pleased to do. E.g Your flesh would be pleased to be angry.

You will have peace about it.

In the How to hear from God post, I’ll give an extensive breakdown of what man is made of: Spirit. Soul. Body. So we can properly understand the dynamics involved.

I just need you to know that if you’re a believer, God is ALWAYS speaking to you, silence the noise around you and listen. ❤️

Now here’s where my faith was REALLY BUILT.

When they gave Iceland a penalty.

My heart did GBIM GBIM.

Ahh. So my prediction was wrong?? Whuuuttttt??

Note that at this point I already said within myself that it was definitely God that have me that 2-0 prediction and I was already sure, my faith was hyped up! Someone even called me a prophetess. I even said I will open prophetic school 🤣🤣

When I heard about the penalty my confidence went down immediately. This is the fourth lesson.

4. The devil will try

The devil has been putting doubts in our heart from the beginning right from Adam and Eve, he will throw situations around when things are almost settled, when your victory is coming, he throw stumbling blocks just to make you DOUBT God’s word.

Do not give in!!

Obviously this football match isn’t a standard for spiritual things because I don’t believe in praying to win a game, 😂 🙄 I believe in HARDWORK and then God can help you.

But I’m relating with this experience because it really touched me and as I woke up the next morning reminiscing on the whole scenario, it truly blessed me that God is with us ALWAYS and that God cannot be boxed.

My faith has been built yet again. Thank you Abba ❤️

Thank you to @crossculturecouture on IG for the giveaway.

In other news: I’m opening a school of prophecy. Gatts channel this prophetic calling 😂 Apply within. 🤣


  1. Believing what God says despite what we see sometimes feels hard but if we fix our gaze on him and are not moved, we’ll see a physical manifestation of what he has promised.

    Obedience to the Holy Spirit is also key!!
    Thanks for sharing.


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