Many people tell me its easy for me to accept Christianity because I was born into Christianity but this is not true because in actual fact I didn’t have a solid christian background, I just had a “church-going” background.

I’ve seen many preachers children who have left the faith, I’ve seen people who had solid foundations from their homes yet have no understanding of the faith, I’ve seen people practice religiousness in the name of Christianity and have remained in the bondage of religion.

I have had personal encounters, revelations and seen God literally come through in his might not just in terms of physical or material blessings.

I have felt my heart burn with desire at the realization of his love for me and the whole of humanity, I’ve had epiphanies where I fell on my knees and called him YAHWEH! I’ve seen signs, I’ve seen wonders!

So I know for certain that God exists and I wish that my generation will come to this knowledge and realization and I hope that this video will reawaken or awaken as the case may be, a revival in your heart to desire God afresh.

I posted a video yesterday on my youtube channel to share the amazing testimony of how I got a job. I’ve had the job for over 16months now so it’s not a new testimony but I’ll still accept the “congratulations” in arrears in the comment section 😂

While this video might be about a material blessing which is not the CORE of the gospel persay, It is the simplest form of testimony I can share to show you God truly cares for his children, including you and I hope it encourages you and motivates you.

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Love always ❤️

2 thoughts on “My Testimony: HOW GOD GOT ME A JOB | PROOF THAT GOD EXISTS

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