Man Like LUKE | “MINISTRY does not always mean THE PULPIT”

A funny thing happened today (yet again), it’s actually not funny because this happens almost all the time.

The gist is, before Friday I sometimes plan what to put out on the blog, sometimes it’s a mental plan not that I put anything down in writing but by the morning of Friday, Abba is like, Nope. Talk about something else and he immediately gives me understanding about that topic and I’m just there like, YESSIRR! LEZ DO THIS.


Okay thinking about it now it’s actually funny because time and time again God keeps teaching me not to BOX him but I think I usually forget and try to predict God and the way he will manifest not just in preparing posts for the blog or YouTube but in everything and it’s really wrong.

It happened again today, I planned the post to be featured for today on the blog, it was a post to debunk a teaching I’ve heard since I was quite young to show off prove I now had “understanding”, but God had something else in mind.

Before I continue, two lessons to learn here is:

  2. CHECK YOUR HEART! There’s a tendency to want to show off knowledge instead of actually wanting to teach because of the passion for souls in your heart. Don’t just come and be forming rhema everytime. Analyze what you’re about to say before saying it, Is it edifying? Is it really going to bless the listeners?

Moving on.

So today’s bible study in my WhatsApp fellowship group is from Colossians 4 and as I was studying, which I wasn’t doing this time to “show understanding”, something QUITE MINUTE but yet so powerful struck me in verse 14 and the Holy Spirit said yes, that’s it! That is what I want you to talk about.

‘Our dear friend Luke, the doctor, and Demas send greetings. ‘Colossians 4:14

I looked at the verse again and it dawned on me what the Holy Spirit was saying immediately! It was for you and I, the 21st century believer who JUST WANT TO PUT THEM SELVES OUT THERE. I know we’ve all been told about putting ourselves “out there” but allow me to mess up with that ideology a little…

I want to talk about the man LUKE, the beloved friend of Paul who was a DOCTOR by profession but was a change agent in his own sphere and did not necessarily seek a pulpit to fulfil his own part of destiny as paul’s wingman. He was part of a divine agenda and he walked with it!

In case you didn’t know, Luke (the only gentile writer of the new testament) wrote “the gospel of Luke” and the book of “the acts of apostle” in the bible.

The thing about Luke is the fact that he was a supporter of the gospel anywhere anytime and he didn’t feel the need to be in the forefront like Apostle Paul to make his own impact, He was with Paul all through his travails and travels and Paul esteemed him for that.

In 2 Tim 4:11 Paul said “only Luke is with me” it shows the level of this man’s commitment to the gospel. He didn’t have to be the preacher; he just had to do his own part in the assisting and in the taking account of the events that transpired. That was his ministry, that was his destiny and he recognized it.

By now, you already get my point.

You do not have to have a pulpit to have a “ministry” or be working for God. You do not have to be a pastor or an evangelist to tell of the gospel and influence your own sphere, all you have to do IS TO DO YOUR OWN PART.

God is looking for men like Luke in this generation, who give their all to support their man of God and not rebel against him or say “what sef? Na only you?”

Men like Luke who influences their sphere even without being preachers or pastors, men who do not have to be pastors to understand they have their own ministry.

Whether they are doctors or lawyers or accountants, they are still grounded in the word and can devote time to fellowship with the father and can impact others and teach.

Men like Luke who do not care about PUTTING THEMSELVES OUT THERE but understand why they are out there.

Men like Luke who know why they have been called for such a time as this even if it’s to, in his own case, take account of the happenings and write books!

Men like Luke who is a friend but sticks closer than a brother. “…and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother” Proverbs 18:24

Men like Luke who support your vision all the way and will stay no matter what is going on. “Only Luke is with me…” 2 Tim 4:11

Men like Luke who care about the souls of men and so will keep going anywhere souls will be won.

Men like Luke who care about teaching..

“…it seemed good to me also, having followed all things closely for some time past, to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, that you may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught.”

Men like Luke who know their purpose and are not in a competition with others.

Man like LUKE!!!! NA MAN YOU BE! My MCM!! (Okay its not monday? MCF then?)

See, we cannot all be in the spotlight but we can ALL dominate and influence wherever we are. Every one of us are important to the plan and purpose of God if we do OUR OWN PART.

Check your heart today and ask yourself, why are you doing what you doing? Are you really doing what God requires of you or you’re just doing what will PUT YOU OUT THERE?

I remember when I tried to start writing a book or at least a fiction series for the blog earlier in the year but it wasn’t coming forth, I legit had all the ideas in my head but to write it down was the problem, this is something I do effortlessly on a normal day but God had to show me my heart to realize what was wrong. I wasn’t asking God what he wanted me to write, I just wanted to write.

Some people go to certain churches and join certain departments just so they can be SEEN.

You know you can be a simple sanctuary keeper and still be doing the right thing.

You can be a banker and be influencing your fellow bankers and still be a powerhouse in your church

Ministry doesn’t always mean the pulpit, you could be sent to children, teenagers, the homeless, broken marriages etc

I just want us to always remember that it’s not about about US, it’s about JESUS.

5 thoughts on “Man Like LUKE | “MINISTRY does not always mean THE PULPIT”

  1. Absolutely loved reading this ❤… Unfortunately we live in a generation where the pulpit is most sought over the position of ones heart. At times people want to label themselves names ” apostles, prophets, evangelists etcs” … Though they are not even called into that office or trained through impartation from a Man/Woman of God. Hence the end result is pride in ones self. They kiss the whole point of ministry. May God help us to serve where we are in humility and await Him alone to elevate us. 💞😊


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