Are you afraid of failing?

Are you afraid of doing what you should be doing and what God specifically asked you to do because you’re afraid you’re afraid you might fail?

You’ve had big dreams and goals for a long time but you’re so afraid of failing that you have left your dreams lying in that dusty cobweb-filled cupboard because you can’t find the courage to pull her out.

So you prefer to remain in that COMFORT ZONE where you feel safe but you know you’re not living in your full potential! The thing is even your Comfort zone is NOT COMFORTABLE FOR YOUR FUTURE.

But who comfort Zone epp sef?

For a long time, my biggest fear was the fear of failing at anything I do and although this fear motivated me to put my all into whatever I do, this strategy couldn’t last long because all it did was hide my fears not kill them!

I soon learnt that whatever happens failure or not, you have to keep pushing through and pursuing your dreams! Failure is a part of the journey but should not be enough reason to NOT START THE JOURNEY!

Do you know the devil feasts on our fears and takes advantage of us because WE ARE SO AFRAID?

In my recent Youtube Video I discussed about my fear of failure which eventually caught up with me and I shared what God laid in my heart concerning this.

I hope this video inspires you to take up that dream or calling WITHOUT FEAR!

And I hope it reminds you that you are a CHILD OF GOD. THE HIGHEST IDENTITY ANY PERSON CAN HAVE. 🔥

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