Lesson of the week: Toothaches and the body of Christ

Hey people, how’s your week been? Mine has been… I cannot even find the words… but I’m nothing short of thankful.

Let’s get to today’s #LessonOfTheWeek post.

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my instastory frequently you would know by now that I was sick this past week and the sickness started from a toothache.

I know the title of the post sounds like it’s about my toothache 🌚 No, this post is NOT majorly about the tooth ache which I’ve told everyone on my Instagram, or the fact that I fell sick in this same week and had to miss work for 2 days (now you know why I couldn’t find the words to describe my week). No. No. I will not glorify my sickness and give it attention. So what is this post about? 🤔

Okay this post is actually about my toothache but stay with me there’s a bigger story. 😂

Let me just get to the point already, so the gist is I was down with a toothache last week, which I used painkillers for, instead of seeing a dentist at the first sign of pain, and it escalated into malaria this week. So while I was telling my friend, Itunu of glowingscenes about the pain and how it affected my whole head (TOOTHACHE IS THE WORST!) she pointed out something about tooth aches and the body of Christ.

She put it like this “I know this doesn’t relate, but do you know what just clicked? Like the body of Christ, if one part is affected, the others will also be affected, so all parts aren’t unique on their own but all converge to meet the head: Christ”


Before we move to the bigger story can I just appreciate Itunu for her spiritual intellect, ahh She is too hot 🔥, she has too much sauce. Original Jesus Pepper them gang! See how she related toothache with body of Christ? Haha.


She put it like this “I know this doesn’t relate, but do you know what just clicked? Like the body of Christ, if one part is affected, the others will also be affected, so all parts aren’t unique on their own but all converge to meet the head: Christ”

When she said this, it also clicked with me too because earlier that morning I read 1Corithians 12 which was about how we are all one body in Christ, whether you’re functioning as the eye, the ear, the nose, we all make up the body! No one part is a body on its own and when there’s a leg trouble or teeth trouble in my case, the whole body is affected!

There’s so much to learn from this illustration but here’s two lessons to learn:

  • TAKE CARE OF EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY! Physically, don’t be like me that allowed my toothache to escalate into something that eventually affected the whole body. My head was BANGING terribly, it felt like bondage!

  • The way God designed our bodies is a model for understanding our lives together as a CHURCH: every part is dependent on every other part (1 Cor 12:25-26 MSG) What I am trying to say is no one should feel their gift is inferior or superior to others. Whatever gift you have use it well to expedite the gospel, stop worrying about who’s seeing you and what not and let’s start worrying about each other and how we can use our gifts brilliantly, not in competition but in collaboration. As Christians we can’t be behaving like the world. Our advancement of the gospel should never be about jealousy or envy or based on who has won more souls or has more Instagram followers, we should be doing it for our HEAD which is Christ to bring the whole body under perfect health! Whoop! Hallelujah! I feel bubbly in my spirit as I type this! For instance If you’re in the praying team or the cleaning team in your local church, do it efficiently and effectively, forget about the choristers getting the shine and start looking at all of us as one body! If you own a Christian blog or youtube page forget about how another Christian youtuber or blogger has more subscribers.This is my official call for DEATH TO COMPARISM and Cheers to collaboration! Kill that comprism spirit instead focus on your strength and how you can contribute to the body of Christ. It’s shameful that even in the body of Christ we are competing and comparing ourselves like the world does. We should be collaborating with each other not competiting! Whoooop! Amen? Amen!

On that note, I’ll be starting a segment on the blog that God laid in my heart, to share other people’s inspiring stories their faith journey thus far. I wouldn’t be the one speaking they would. So watch out for this!

Love x Light

5 thoughts on “Lesson of the week: Toothaches and the body of Christ

  1. Soooooooo good!!!!!!. Abba be teaching the body of Christ the same things. HS also highlighted this scripture to me. It was more about comparison. He said to me “Oge you are not the body of the Christ, you are “part” of the body of Christ”. You can’t bless everyone, so why are you comparing or jealous of the other parts. Its more important to function as you have been made. As an eye, you cannot expect to pick up things! That’s not your job description. Find your sphere and influence as I the Lord leads!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ogeeee. Thank you for your comment and sharing your insight. Truly God does not want us comparing ourselves with others atall. We shld work together as A BODY that we are.

      Thank you. God bless you ❤️


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