What you shouldn’t do/say to a grieving person

In February 2015, I lost my 16 year old sister to the cold hands of death. It was a trying time for my family. We felt the pang that comes from losing a loved one and most of all the grief that comes with feeling guilty for their death.

I felt somewhat guilty for my sister’s death, so did my mum and my dad. But the fact is all our guilt-feeling couldn’t bring her back and it couldn’t help us move forward either.

For me, the worst part about everything was the pity party and the silly stories by sympathizers about how other people had it worse and why we should be thankful.

Yesterday I shared on my Youtube channel things people did/say that pissed me off when I lost my sister and how to deal with grief.

Click here to watch. Remember to subscribe like and share! ♥️

Love x Light.

Have you lost a loved one? How did you cope with the grief? What are the annoying things people did that made you feel worse? And what’s the best way to encourage a grieving person? Lets continue the conversation in the comment section.

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