Marching onward with Bible study tips for beginners

Hi people!!!! We are MARCHING onward!! I don’t know if this even makes much sense. I just wanted to add “March” to my opening statement. Haha.

Happy new month people! May this new month march you into your breakthrough. Yassss I finally put it into a meaningful statement.

My year so far in these past 2 months have been bliss. It’s been from one blessing to another and one spiritual lesson to another. God has been good. I’ve been learning and unlearning to relearn. My spiritual life has been alright too, although I can do better because there’s always more to be done.

Towards the end of 2017, God told me some of the things he wanted me to do and things he wanted to use me to do. One of the things God asked me to do this year was to open a bible study group (we have prayer nights and general discussion nights too) for females only (sorry guys 😂) and the group has been quite effective and I’m very thankful for this group most especially because when God initially laid the idea in my heart I was scared to start because I’ve always felt I was not a good leader and not a good manager of people. But as I said God has taught me so much in this two months. Sometimes I’m frustrated when I get no responses from the ladies but God tells me “wa wa alright”

Wa wa alright: Translated from Yoruba to English as “you will be alright”

I actually found that a lot of young people do not read their bible nowadays. And thats why people twist scriptures as they please and people follow them because they lack knowledge. Many young people are moved by every wind of doctrine and it’s sad. Alot of times. I see CHRISTIANS say things and I’m like wow. You actually need to study your bible more.

I even ran a poll on twitter the other day to ask why people do not want to study their bible and here’s the response:

More people actually said they get bored of the bible.

So if you find that you are actually in that category then I’m here with 6 helpful bible study tips for beginners. “Non beginners” can also learn from this.

1. Make a decision to be intentional: Yes. Yes. I know you’re extremely busy. *rme* I would know because I am extremely busy myself. I live on the mainland and work on the island. So this means I wake up before 5am every week day. 😭 I’m an house fellowship leader, a youth leader and a junior church teacher in my local church so my sundays are off. In between that I find time to make youtube videos and blogposts. In between that I teach a professional class in the weekend. I could go on and on but you get my drift. Lol. FIND TIME. YOU’RE NEVER TOO BUSY.

2. Download the Youversion Bible app: You’re a Christian and you don’t have the bible app on your phone. 😱 I understand there are different bible apps but I suggest the Youversion app because it has many versions you can download offline (e.g the NIV, MSG, NKJV), so your data does not have to be on to read the bible. I also love that it has an audio option. Where you can just listen to the bible on the go, wherever you are, on the bus, in school, at work, driving through traffic. You don’t have to read. Just listen in your preferred version! How cool is that? 🤩

3. Choose your own version: As a beginner, you will most likely be bored and not even understand the King James Version (KJV). That’s why the youversion app is very advisable. So I’ll advise you read the KJV first and then another version. You will definitely understand. Personally I enjoy NIV(New International Version), NLT (New Living Translation), AMP (Amplified) and sometimes the MSG (Message) version. Sometimes. Because it can be misleading. I wouldn’t advise a newbie to use the MSG. For a newbie I’ll recommend the GNB (Good News) and the ERV (Easy to read Version) I read my father’s GNB as a young christian growing up and I really love how it simplifies the scripture. But as I grew I enjoyed other versions. Well over time. You’ll find your go-to version. The point is just start!

4. Create a Bible study plan: This is very important too. If you don’t have a bible study plan it will be hard to pull through and be consistent. There are many times I created my own bible study plan without waiting to be a in a group. Because I have to help myself. Just create an excel sheet and follow through. Infact on your phone using your notes app you can do it. It makes you accountable and consistent. I recommend a chapter a day and I recommend starting from the New Testament. Don’t go and be doing “I must read Genesis to numbers in a week” just so you can finish the bible in one year. This leads to my next point.

5. Go at your own pace: This is so important. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT rush to read the bible just so you can say you’ve finished the bible. It’s not about just reading and proclaiming knowledge, its about what the word will impart in you. Yup. The letter killeth but the spirit ? It gives lifeeeeee! So except you’re in a bible study group or something, you should go at your own pace or else you will struggle to keep up. Even if you’re in a bible study group if their bible plan is not convenient (honestly anything above 2 chapters a day is not advisable especially for beginners and people that get bored easily) you should consider opting out. I used to follow the bible study plan in Open Heavens but I realized it wasn’t for me. When I miss some days it feels like a burden to cover up because I’ll have like 7chapters pending. It became tiring. So yeah, GO AT YOUR OWN PACE.

6. Be intentional: Oh. I’ve said this before? Lol well. I had to say it again. Because everything I’ve said wouldn’t work if you do not make it a priority to study your bible. It would be futile if today you read John 1 and you come back to read John 2 next month. Consistency is key 🔑

Most importantly is PRAY. Ask the Holyspirit to help you. It works like magic. 😁

That’s it people. Hope these tips can help you push through with studying your bible more. This month make a commitment to March Onward in your faith with more bible study. (See what I did with March there again? Haha)

If you need help creating a plan and you want to be accountable to someone, Hit me up. And if you’re female and interested in joining my bible study group. Hit me up also 😊

Love x Light.

7 thoughts on “Marching onward with Bible study tips for beginners

    1. Hey Deshi! Yes please share to as many people as possible! ❤️
      Lol the MSG version is a sweet version but I’ve read some parts that were sort of misleading. But overall it’s a good version.


    1. Lol I agree with you on that message version. It’s actually a chill version. But it can be sneaky in interpretation. 😂
      Thank you Fiffs 😘 and yo! Happy birthday! ❤️


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