Is black panther suitable for christians?

Hey people!!

How are we doing??

As you may have already figured out from the title of the post, today’s post is about WAKANDA. We’re taking a tour in WAKANDA land. Haha

Me: In Wakanda Land

So last week I saw the movie “BlackPanther” and boyy was it fire?? Yesss It was. What a time to be alive!

I particularly loved the fact that they realised that there is a possibility of so much potential in a black community and that women were allowed in the forefront.

But because I try (no I don’t try. I actually do) to see Jesus in everything that I do because Christianity is not a sunday-sunday tablet (Who remembers those pills we used to take as kids on sundays though? 😂) but christianity is a LIFESTYLE. ❤️

So I shared a lesson learnt on my youtube channel and if it is suitable for christians in my opinion.

If you’ve not seen the movie, no worries. There are no spoilers (okay maybe just a little, but nothing serious I promise!) in my post.

Click Here to watch the vlog. Yes it’s a vlog! My first vlog. So exciting! Please remember to subscribe, like and share.

Love x Light.

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