No, It’s not Social Media. It’s you!

Hey guys, happy new month! I pray this month brings glad tidings to you and yours ❤️

So today’s post is far from the usual. I know you’ve heard time and time again why social media is deceptive etc. But I’m sure Social media is tired of taking the blame for our misuse. Social media is hurt that we blame her every time someone messes things up, every time someone decides to send nudes or tweetfight. Social media is saying NO ITS NOT ME! ITS YOU. ALL OF YOU. YOUR HEART IS EVIL. ITS NOT ME!

Lol. I actually feel her pain. If social media could talk, here are a few things I’ll attack social media with and this is probably what our conversation would look like:

Me: Hello, social media. Thanks for taking out time to have this discussion with me. First question. Why is Social media so mean?

Social media: That’s the thing, I put out what is put into me! You see all these hate comments that are everywhere its not me, it’s the people. It’s in their hearts. I only give people a platform to express the thoughts in their hearts. I don’t suggest anything to anyone. I didn’t ask them to post the hateful comments or the hateful tweets. They did that! Sometimes I cringe but what can I do? I have given them freedom to say what they want the moment they opened the accounts. I cannot limit their posts. I just want you to know its not me whatever you see a person talk about on social media, it’s them. Hold them responsible! There’s no such thing as it’s just twitter. Because “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth (hands) speaks (tweets/comments)” Luke 6:45

Me: holuupp!! So you know the scriptures too??

Social Media: *puts on a smug face* Well As I said, I put out whatever is put into me. There are people who use social media well, who talk about positive things.

Me: hmm. Well true. You have a point. Maybe people should be held responsible for what they say online. I always check for fruits online and offline, you cannot be out here retweeting and liking photos of naked girls as a guy and I’ll take you serious. No way! So yes. You have a point. The heart is surely the problem. But social media also brings obsession. What do you have to say about that?

Social media: That is another popular opinion that I am here to debunk. Many of your people are online all the time and it may seem like that was my original intention but it’s not. I never intended for that to happen that’s why you see sometimes I’m down because I need a BREAK! Your people are the problem. They say they are too busy to pray but they are online 24 hours following other men of God and liking their posts, yes I am talking to Christians this time. They spend quality time following all the “christian celebrities” that actually pray but they neglect their own prayer time. They say they’re tired from work but they spend at least 1 hour on twitter, sometimes they’re not even posting, they’re just scrolling through taking a peak at other people’s lives and then they’ll say they’re depressed. HOW WONT THEY BE DEPRESSED?! When they are feeding themselves off other people’s “happy pictures” forgetting that nobody truly posts their bad days online. They spend almost 2 hours doing absolutely NOTHING then they say they’re obsessed. I even try to make it easy for them I tried to find ways to allow them make money but still the ones who are not eligible to make money are the ones that spend the most time on me! I’m tired. I would prefer you post something rather than spending the whole day doing nothing and achieving nothing. Please tell your people to learn discipline and self control. ITS NOT ME it’s THEM!

Me: Wow. I truly have no words! You are so right. I’m so sorry for blaming you. It’s truly not you. Its us. We need to learn self discipline and to stay in the place of worship prayer and fellowship with God in order to purge our hearts. You are a great platform for people to connect but we have misused the platform you gave us. And it’s rather coincidental that, thats what we do with God too, he gives us grace but we misuse it. We take it as license to sin. God gave us freewill to make decisions but we use this freewill against him. Thank you for this discussion SM, you really gave me insights. I pray God opens our eyes to see the real problem. That it’s not social media, it’s us, the people using social media. It’s us. Together we can use SM well and positively, instead of encouraging strife and enhancing jealousy and envy. Instead of inspiring hate. We can do better.

But we can’t do it without first renewing our minds with the word. Because it’s easy to say we want to do better but once we are online w become completely different people because the root of the problem is our hearts. Our hearts need the word to be continually renewed so that we can bear the right fruits both on SM and offline.

So if you’re battling with jealousy, anger, envy, pain whatever it is and you think it’s social media, I encourage you to take a break off SM and spend time with the Father asking him to purge you completely. Spend time with the word and you will see that It’s not social media. It’s you!

14 thoughts on “No, It’s not Social Media. It’s you!

  1. Waow ..I loved this! The flip side of the blame game. You know, I have a friend who often breaks down to me about the effects of social media on her self esteem. She’s constantly comparing, constantly trying to be “better”, accepted.. You know. All the while trying to find time to be committed to God too. And I always explained… It’s not that it’s the social media causing her problems, it’s more a matter of the heart. If she’s feeding i t with façades on SM, then her own life will become a fluke. We really need to be disciplined like you say. All these things are vanity. The flesh will eventually wrinkle and celebrities will pass away. The only thing that will last forever and is unchanging is the word of God. You have said it all 💞

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