Lesson Of The Week: “Anger ruins everything”

Hello people! Another Friday is upon us and it’s another day for a post. Whoop! Who’s excited?

How was your week? Mine was rather interesting. From preaching on Sunday for a youth service that was very impromptu to arguing with a colleague at work to getting qualified. It was quite an eventful week!

Here are a few distinct lessons I learnt this week:

1.       God is always speaking: So on Monday God laid someone on my heart which a follower had asked me to pray for because he had some issues and when I prayed I received a word of knowledge (wok) for that person (the person is my follower’s friend). I don’t know the person and I’ve never met or even had a conversation with this person. But everything God told me, I wrote down and then I contacted the follower and told her and she was amazed at the accuracy of the WOK. Lol God even told me what the guy studied in school and I just sat there marveled at God’s awesomeness like wow!  The funny thing is at first, when God told me and I started writing down, the devil tried put doubt in my heart like “it’s just your mind saying these things” but I pushed it aside because I knew better than to trust the enemy . I just thought  to myself “Last last, the babe will say no and I will move on and say God loves you, maybe I’m still sharpening my hearing lol”. And it just made me realize that a lot of believers still think God does not speak to them meanwhile, God is always speaking we are the ones not listening. Even in the silence, God is simply saying wait, that’s still speaking! Most times we just allow doubt cloud our minds and we don’t fully trust God. As led by the spirit, one of these days I will do a post about how to hear God because I get this question a lot. Just know that God is always speaking!

2.       Faith is holding on to God’s word: I had this conversation with a friend also in this week, and we were talking about faith and how sometimes we can have faith yet nothing will happen. We then talked about the book “ROYALTY” by Bolatito Idakula and how she had faith yet her child died. (you should read this book if you haven’t read it) We eventually concluded that to be sure of your faith it has to be based on a word you received.  A lot of people only claim faith when its convenient, like when they want a car or a house, lol. It’s okay to have faith but what is God saying? Are you listening? The next day after we had this conversation my exam result (ICAN) was released and well,well, well, ladies and gentlemen put some RESPECK on my name! I’m now a qualified accountant! Whooopppp!

Now the story is, I started this professional exam back in Uni and in 2014 I failed some papers in a particular stage and I just stopped writing because I had never failed before and my biggest fear was failing (whether exams or not). But around 2016 I received a word from God “no more failure” and I held on to it. I initially thought it was for me to proceed with Masters and I even went for an entry exam (that I passed) but towards the end of the year (2016) I clearly knew God was asking me to continue the professional exam again. I rebelled at first because you see, I was afraid of failing yet again but God reminded me of the word and also used it to teach me to overcome my fear of failure. He taught me that the worst thing that can happen is to fail, that I cannot die because of an exam or even a business and it already happened! I already failed! So there’s nothing to be afraid of anymore! Wow! I held on to it and decided to continue the exam and I never failed any exam anymore. Today I’m qualified! Hold God accountable based on his word. It might be a bible verse but to be solid on your faith it has to be based on his word. I have another testimony on how I held on to God’s word (this was even a bible verse) to get a job but this will be in another post. The point is be sure what you want is what God wants for you.

3.       Anger ruins everything: So the day the result was released, (this same week) I had a very big argument with a colleague at work and boy it was messy. I eventually regretted why I brought myself so low. The story that led to the argument is complicated but I recall I was called rude and that I was harsh. I think why I was hurt the most was the fact that another colleague said he was disappointed in me knowing the kind of person I portray on social media. This one entered my bones. Lol I actually started analyzing everything after it happened and I realized I acted too soon and I let anger ruin everything. It wasn’t even because of what the person said, I always thought I was a civil person and I was seriously convicted by the Holy Spirit. Although I and the person that had the issue have now settled but when we had our “resolution” talk I realized I took it too far and if I had listened to the holy spirit when he initially asked me not to say anything, everything would have ended differently. As the person spoke to me I just sat there in my mind like, wow anger has ruined everything, we were both angry and we let it get to us. Anger really ruins everything because the people present that day will not forget that I call myself a “Christian” but I could do such a thing. Yes God will forgive but people will remember and I would never like to be a hindrance to why someone will reject Christ. That’s why as Christians we really need to check our lifestyle because people are watching.

It’s funny I actually used to think I was above “anger” and that if I’m pissed I will just walk out but recently I’ve been praying some “dangerous” prayers (lol) about the refiner’s fire and God cleansing me all through and whola! God shows me I still have anger issues to handle! Lol be careful what you wish for. Haha. Just kidding. At the end of the day we all have flaws even for those of us who talk about God. I just want more of this fire to burn away all the impurities and infirmities I have! I’m here for this Abba!

Talking about refiner’s fire, have you watched my recent youtube video? Please click Here to watch.

So there you go, 3 impeccable lessons learnt this week. What was your week like? What’s the major lesson you learnt? Share in the comment section, I’ll like to know.

10 thoughts on “Lesson Of The Week: “Anger ruins everything”

      1. Hello, this is my first time on your page so I’m still playing catch up. Have you shared the post about “Hearing from God”. It’s quite important cos sometimes one gets confused whether it’s God speaking or one’s “church mind”.


  1. Prayer works!!!!. That’s most of what I learned this week. When you ask our Father for something He hears!. You asked for the refiners fire and you got it. I asked for an altar of prayer and I started getting more responsibilities to pray and wonderfully enough, He’s constantly ready to help as long as you give Him room!, to find expression

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