Thanksgiving Sunday | WE LOOK WITHIN

Our God is tooooo goooooood. 💃💃💃💃

It’s the last day of the yearrrrrrrr, God-incidentally (because there is no such thing as coincidence with me henceforth 😊) it’s also thanksgiving sunday on the blog. Remember I promised a thanksgiving sunday post every last sunday of the month in this post? Welll here we are with one.

This year has been a year of REVELATION and UNDERSTANDING for me. Reminiscing back, I actually achieved so much and I cannot even believe it was me, small me, that achieved these things. But like Paul in Philipians 3:13, I do not consider myself yet to have attained anything. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

So at the beginning of the second quarter of the year, God told me to get a gratitude journal where I put in daily entries of how my day went and what I’m grateful for.

I’ve decided that In 2018, I’m definitely doing it again and even though I wasn’t consistent with my posts in the journal this year, I realize now going over the daily entries, that the whole idea was to teach me to understand that thanksgiving comes from within and not based on what is happening around me because to be honest at first I thought it was a waste of time, what would I write in it ? Nothing really happens in my life. Lol but God taught me that I didn’t need a “BIG TESTIMONY” to be thankful, he taught me to appreciate the small wins and the little beginnings. I just need to allow thanksgiving rise from my inside.

I love how DDK puts it, have I told you guys how I absolutely love Mrs Debola Deji-Kurunmi aka DDK? No? Well, she’s my new mama but she doesn’t even know yet 😂 (and she doesn’t like being called MAMA).

As I was saying, I love how DDK puts it in the DIW book “The Joy Project”

You know how the worship leader or pastor says “lets open our mouths and praise God; many have died, many are in the hospital.. open your mouths and praise God”

You know about the long standing primer to get believers to praise God, I do too! There is a fundamental philosophy that encourages us to look at people less privileged than us or situations more disadvantaged than ours as a reason to be thankful to God, because it kind of reminds us that things could have been worse but God has helped us.

The above thinking is faulted! Faulted because when you flip it on its face, it means you are allowed to grumble at God when you look at others whose life seem to make more sense than yours.

If thanksgiving is based on being more privileged than some, then despair will be based on being less opportune than others. We don’t look around us for reasons to thank God. We LOOK WITHIN. WORSHIP MUST PROCEED PRIMARILY FROM OUR SPIRIT. BEYOND THANKING GOD FOR THINGS, PLACES AND EXPERIENCES.. we must thank God because all praise is due to Him!

Thanksgiving is the culture of the redeemed. Praise is the NATIVE LANGUAGE of the regenerated.

See why DDK is my mama??!!!! She’s a complete firebrand both in and on-line. (See what I did there? Haha) I completely agree and see her point not because she’s my mama but because it is so true. Remember when I talked about worship earlier this year and how it’s not about singing and dancing but about our hearts?

So if you ask me what I am thankful for, this is my thanksgiving story: not that I have a job or that my family is fine or that I have money or that I have great health (OF COURSE I AM ABSOLUTELY GRATEFUL FOR THESE THINGS) but most importantly I am grateful for this “Christian Experience” and the growth so far. I’m thankful for the small “unseen” wins. I’m thankful for knowledge and for the learning and unlearning because I had a lot of it this year.

Here’s an excerpt from my gratitude journal:


Dear Abba,

Today, I wept and it wasn’t tears of Joy. It was tears that flowed from a place of sadness. But thank you for reaching out to me as usual and asking me to drown in your love and reminding me that the Devil is trying to kill my joy and steal my happiness. Thank you for reminding me of Simi’s msg and taking me to Itunu’s blogpost, their words comforted me without them even knowing. The devil is so slimy with the way he plants thoughts, telling us we are alone and that no one cares about us and tries to make us feel depressed but God I’m thankful knowing that you always gat me.

Thank you Abba ❤️

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