Obedience is hard

Wow! What a year! My greatest lesson this year was obedience. Obedience in love, Obedience in faith, Obedience in long suffering, Obedience, Obedience, and more Obedience. And one thing I can say about Obedience is that it is HARD. 😂

Every post I had this year both on the blog and on youtube was either from something I battled with or straight from a teaching by Abba himself. So when I post these things I am not saying I am better or I have attained or I am perfect. I am simply obeying and sharing what I have been taught. Lol sometimes I still fall in the things I point out but the good thing about been a teacher of the word is you are reminded that you have taught someone about it and so you cannot be an hypocrite. Sometimes I don’t even want to post some blogposts. But Obedience is there looking at me like. Aunty don’t you dare! 🌚

Lol I can also say this was one unstable spiritual year, because I had so many ups and downs, I had times when I was high on the word and then times when I didn’t feel like praying or reading my bible. I had times when the devil attacked with depression, evil and carnal thoughts, I also battled with FLESH a lot in terms of subjecting my wants for what God wants, in terms of obedience, in terms of forgiveness, in terms of worship. So I shed alot of flesh this year! It wasn’t easy at all but God was there through it all teaching me obedience in trust. Trusting what the word says about me and believing it. In the process of believing, Obedience was required. And in the tears and struggle with the flesh. I started becoming, growing, obeying…

Here’s a personal testimony;

So recently I won a voucher for a dinner date for two from Taxify on twitter and although I already planned in my head who to take so I can make a video for my youtube channel, because well that’s what flesh would do, God had something else in mind. While I was speaking to God in my quiet time, I asked Abba who to take, because too many people have asked that I take them as my date 😭 and I didn’t know who to ask but Abba. And the response was the shock of my life. He said I should give it out! Ahhhhh. My chestttt. I was heartbroken. 😩 What is life without argument? (haha) I argued small but I know it’s not the devil that gave me that idea because the devil would never want me to bless someone else neither was it “me” because I definitely did not want to give out that voucher. Lol. So yes. I knew it was God.

Honestly I am actually now relieved because I was becoming too concerned with the date, what to wear and who to take, blah blah. I thought of gifting one of my friends who had asked but He said no. So it’s not that I am a nice person, 😂 to be very honest, the natural man is not nice. It’s the love of Christ that compels us.

Remember what I said about Obedience? HARD. Yep.

I had also planned to gift the book “Dear Diary” by Itunu Taiwo (which I reviewed on the blog here) earlier but I shoved it off but this was the confirmation I needed so I’ve decided to do it now because the book blessed me so much and I would love everyone to read it.

On that note, I would be doing a giveaway!!!! Whooooopppp!!! Tell a friend to tell another friend. If you’re interested in the giveaway please signify why you should win the giveaway in the comment section. Also comment with your IG and twitter handle.

I would be announcing the winners on my Instagram and twitter. You can follow me @fadeke_ for updates.

P.S If you’re my friend, please note that I won’t be partial for you 😂

But Samuel replied: “Does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the Lord? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.”

‭‭1 Samuel‬ ‭15:22‬

11 thoughts on “Obedience is hard

  1. Obedience is indeed hardwork. I’ve learnt the hard way that leaning on my understanding just seems right for a little while. When Jesus takes the wheel, we are sure of a blissful ride and a fruitful destination.This is one lesson I’ve learnt from books by Itunu Taiwo.
    Oh and I’ll love to read the book, its been on my should do list( financial priorities).
    Mere imaginations can’t do justice to the treasure in it I’m sure.
    @hay_mynie …IG
    @haymynie …twitter

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  2. I would love to win this giveaway on itunu taiwo (@glowingscenes) book because she specially encourages my Christian life and her blog speaks to me each time I visit and I have dying to get her books but no money oh. And also on your post, obedience is really hard oh. Most times when God asks us to take a step of obedience, we usually don’t see the big picture. This year has specially taught me that for every step I take in faith without questioning God, the big pictures is always 20 times worth that little thing I think I sacrificed. My I.G name is oge_rexy. I am not on twitter

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  3. I would really LOVVEEE TO go on an ALL expense Paid dinner date.
    It’s such a daring and Fun adventure that will give my year the best ending.

    But more importantly , is the Book.

    A friend once told me that you only gift someone you care about a Book.
    So I would appreciate the Book even More.
    Compliments of the Season.
    @omoshewaojo – IG
    @ojo_Christy – Twitter

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  4. Obedience is hard o, but to show that we really love God, we have to obey God. Hmm…about the book, I really wish i get the book and I really enjoy reading from Itunu Taiwo, so spirit filled..finance has really been tight so I have been unable to get the book. Instagram handle is @i_am_tomii

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  5. I want the ticket for two because I’m in Lagos for Christmas and I want this to be my best Christmas experience yet 😢😢. Twitter handle: ms_seyii

    Thank you 😁😁


  6. Indeed, obedience is hard work. It’s also something I’ve been learning. It will take a lot of shedding of the flesh but in the end it’s always worth it for when all is said and done, it is the truest test of our love for God. Thanks Fadeke.

    And for the book, I’ve had it on my mental list of books to read for a while now, along with Stolen Kisses by the same author, but haven’t gotten around to getting it. So, yes, I’d love a copy! 🙂

    I.G and Twitter @_soteria_


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