What if your Pastor is tired?

So as usual, you’re going about your daily routine again today. Work, school, business or simply just house chores…

And then you hear it, last time it was from a picture posted on Instagram, the other time from a YouTube video and now you hear it again, in your heart, you know its God, its subtle yet indisputable.

He’s asking you, What about what I asked you to do? What about the business idea I gave you? Why haven’t you started that YouTube channel yet? Why haven’t you written the book I asked you to write? Why haven’t you had bible study in 2 weeks now? Why aren’t you praying anymore? Why are you in this relationship that I do not approve? Why don’t you want to join that department I asked you to join in church? Why are you refusing my call? Why don’t you want to edify other saints with the gifts and talents I’ve given you? Why don’t you want to be a functioning part of the body of Christ? Why don’t you completely want to give in and build a relationship with me?

Then you say to yourself, Ah, not this voice again, that asks me to apologize even when I’m not particularly wrong because that’s what love would do, this voice that asks me to give my last penny as a sacrificial giving, this voice that tells me to be patient and kind, this voice that asks me to have faith in spite of impossibilities, this voice that beckons on to me to come unto him withholding nothing. Oh. not this voice again.

So you shut it out, giving excuses as usual. “Oh, I don’t think I can do it.” “I don’t think I’m worthy.”

“What if people don’t like it?” “I don’t have enough money yet, I just can’t leave a job that pays my bills.”

“I just want a normal life.”

“What will I say if they ask me to talk?” “I don’t want to put myself out there”

“I know I’m unequally yoked but he is a really nice guy and I can change him”

“I am at a bad place right now, my feelings are everywhere, I can’t pray or read my bible” “When I pray I don’t feel like God is listening, I just don’t feel him”

“Ah I don’t have strength for church wahala oh”

“I just don’t feel like, I am not in the mood”

“I got home really late and I’m too tired to go to church or pray”

Then you gradually align yourself with the generation of feelings-led Christians, only pray when they are happy, only worship when the sound system is on point, and can only testify to the presence of the holyspirit through goosebumps. Goosebumps international Christian Ministry. 😂

Every kingdom based thing you do is based on feelings.

What if Abraham was “tired” when God told him to leave his native country, his relatives and his father’s family to a land he will show him? What if Abraham said, so I should just pack up my bags to A LAND YOU WILL SHOW ME? The land no get name? This must be the devil. (Gen 12:1)

What if Joshua was scared and “didn’t have strength for Israel’s wahala” when God told him it was time for him to lead the israelites after Moses died? (Joshua 1)

What if Deborah refused to go with Barak when he showed fear, claiming “I’m a woman what would I be doing at war?” (Judges 4: 8-9)

What if David after his son died, refused to serve God saying “After all my prayers Lord, am I the only one that has ever committed adultery? Am I the only sinner?”

What if Daniel compromised when he was in another man’s land saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”

What if Paul after meeting Christ on his way to Damascus refused to obey saying, nobody will listen to me, what will I say if they ask me to talk? Lord I’ll just serve you personally I don’t want them to dig up my past

What if Paul in all his trials and tribulations refused to go to Corinth, Rome and every other place he went, planting churches and making disciples, because he was “tired” and not in the mood? Or because he didn’t feel worthy to carry out the assignment of God?

I wonder if all these people would have made history.

These are just bible stories right?

Okay let’s come home.

What if Pastor Adeboye decided to cancel convention because he doesn’t “feel” like it, or because he’s tired and not in the mood?

What if Bishop Oyedepo says there’s no more Shiloh because he just doesn’t feel like doing it anymore?

What if Pastor Adefarasin decided, Oh no one would come for the experience next year, they are tired, let’s cancel.

What if your favorite Christian blogger and YouTube preacher was tired and scared of what people would say? What if they didn’t feel beautiful enough? Where would you find sermons to watch?

What if these great men of God didn’t start all these Christian event because they were afraid?

What if your own Pastor is also tired? What if you get to church one morning and none of the pastors and workers are in church and they apologise for not making it because they were simply tired and not in the mood? If your apology should be acceptable, why shouldn’t theirs?

It sounds so hilarious and silly but that’s how we also sound when we give these excuses. Not just in church issues but in the little things God has asked us to do in our own space, whether it’s a business idea or a humanitarian idea.

I’m not saying pain isn’t real, I’m saying don’t base your life on your pain or your situation because it will not always be rosy. These great men you know did not let their situations define their walk with God. There’s no great preacher or soldier of christ that did not make effort at bible study, prayers etc even without perfect conditions.

We say we are children of God and at every worship session we are in tears, claiming God use me, God invade me, take me over, I want more of you! I need you every hour! But when it’s time for simple obedience, we get caught up in what people would say, we get caught up in our feelings forgetting that our feelings are fickle.

For some of us, it’s not even fear or doubt or peer pressure, it’s that we are actually just lazy and lack discipline.

So God has asked you to set up a conference, a meeting, whatever that would bring a revival, or he said you should evangelize to that brother beside you, or he said you should leave your job but you don’t think it’s a good idea! So you’re saying the father of all wisdom and “good ideas” gave you a bad idea? What a Wawu.

So, I’ll ask again, what if just like you, your pastor and every other person in the body of Christ was tired, what would happen to the church apostle paul left behind?

This is faith: it does not rely on itself or on favorable conditions; it does not rely on its own strength or on other people’s strength, but believes only and alone in God. It is the only faith that does not let us slip back into fear, but makes us free of fear.” Overcoming Fear, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

9 thoughts on “What if your Pastor is tired?

  1. Wow!! “For some of us, it’s not even fear or doubt or peer pressure, it’s that we are actually just lazy and lack discipline.” This is the truest thing. Bless bless bless you!

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