Thanksgiving Sunday | #NowPlaying: Made a way by Travis Greene

Hi guysss!!!!

How’s your sunday going?

Today on #nowplaying, I’m sharing an old but amazing song by Travis greene.

Can we take a minute to appreciate the man, Travis Greene and his amazing music. He has to be one of the best things that happened to gospel music. This song is not in his new album (HIS NEW ALBUM IS FIREEEEEEEEEEEEE) but the song has been speaking to me crazily and its been on replay since I got it.

It reminds me of how Faithful God is.

It also reminds me of how there’s nothing impossible for him.

How God is limitless.

How God is a way maker.

How God always comes through for me.

How I am only alive because he made a way.

How I am a believer only because of the way he made at the cross.

How I’ve been offered grace and this life for FREE. Only because he went out of his way to make a way!

This song reminds me of how extravagant the love of God is and how I know he will NEVER leave me high and dry even if it seems like he’s silent at the moment.

This song leaves me recklessly aware of how thankful I am to say I am a child of God.

Side gist: In my bid for consistency (lol), henceforth there will be a post every last sunday of the month under the “thanksgiving sunday” tag. (Praise God! Did a hear hallelujah? 😂)

Click to download song

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