Book Review: Dear Diary

“Marry me.” He says and I find it hard to hold back the tears that spill from my eyes. He smiles and reaches to wipe them away. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you, watch you grow bigger each day with our kids, watch you smile and be responsible for that smile on your face….. When I sleep I want you to be there with me, loving me and telling me I’m the best lover you could ever have after God” His hand settles below my chin…..


It’s already sweeting you abi? (haha)

Today I will be giving my verdict, sorry, review of the book “Dear Diary”. Let’s dive right in. 😊

Name of Book: Dear Diary

Author: Itunu Taiwo (Mama niyen) 

Publisher: Not sure about this, but it’s an E-Book.

Genre: Kingdom-Centered Romance (haha, is there anything like that?)

Did I love this book: OF COOOUUUURSEEEEE!!!

Summary: Meet Moyosore Loretta Jones, a christian single lady with an almost perfect life. We get a sneak peak into her diary and we see her not so perfect life afterall. 

Favourite Character(s): Hmmm, this was hard to choose but I’ll go with Mr Jones, Fisayo, Funmi Vera-Cruz and drumrollsssss Derin Vera-Cruz. (Shocking?) I love what I love. Duh. 😂

Character I Hated: Danny (what kinda name is Danny anyway?)

Who should read: Single, married, looking to get married, wanting to get married, in love with the idea of getting narried, obsessed with the idea of getting married. Everyone really! 😂

One Wish: I silently really wished Lori would end up with Derin Vera-Cruz, forgive me 😩 because ahan Uncle was so handsome (no I did not see his picture, I imagined him the way the writer put it. duh) and perfect for her and I really imagined him giving his life to Christ and them making babies all around the world. 

One part I hated: Ughhhhh I hated the fact that Feyi caused their major breakup, what kind of sister is that one?? What kind of nonsense-rubbish is that one?! It was so annoying! 

But the that fact that Lori had no choice but to forgive Feyi, got me thinking. That it can be so hard you know, forgiving people without receiving any apology. 

As Christians we are required to walk in love no matter what and it just makes me wonder how we can fully walk in love without actually keeping grudges. You know how sometimes we claim on the outside to have forgiven but on the inside it’s still there hurting us? Yes. Thats what I mean. 

This book taught me that:

1. The Holy spirit is not just here to guide us, he’s comforting us even when the world shoots at us straight in our heart, and we feel betrayed and heart break, He’s right in our hearts mending our broken hearts.

2. A relationship with Jesus is the most important thing about the Christian faith not just playing religion and church culture.

3. If you want to do well and finish well, then you just have to do the perfect will of God

4. God will never lead you astray.

5. Forgiveness is required no matter what.

6. As a single, seeking God is first before finding a man or a woman. Your single days are your days of communion, days to understand your purpose, days to seek his will, days to do exploit. 

7. Know what God wants you to do and do it with all your strength. 

8. Love always wins. Love does not do wrong, is patient, kind and suffers long. 

9. There is no real love outside God. 

Just go buy the book already, you will love it! You can buy on Okadabooks and Kobobooks, Just type in “Dear Diary” or click  Here for more info.
Madam Itunu Glowing Scenes, as I like to call you (haha), You did good with this one. Weldone.


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5 thoughts on “Book Review: Dear Diary

  1. I feel you babe! No wonder Itunu messaged me saying “Pelumi see your soul mate ” and I dashed in Here to see your review…..I see part of my hidden unchristian imagination here( I also wished lori/moyo went with Mr.Vera Cruz and I hated Feyi). But I only told Itunu in private

    And more importantly , the words of funmi( as quoted above) made me so emotional, I hugged a pillow and then prayed to God to send my own Funmi. Omg! the depth of his sensitivity is amazing+ he is fine!!!!

    (Sorry for the long comment….I couldn’t help it)

    Liked by 1 person

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