What If?

Have you ever wondered,
What if things changed?
What if he changed?
What if he stopped hitting you?
What if he stopped using vile words on you?
What if he treated you better?

What if they stopped putting you down?
What if they stopped pitying you?
What if they stopped calling you weak?
What if they stopped seeing you as frail?

Maybe if you show them?
Maybe if you stand up for yourself?
Maybe if you say NO.

Maybe things will change.
Maybe they will see your power.

Maybe if as women we stand up for each other…
Maybe if as women we walk and work together…
Maybe if we held each other’s hands and pulled each other up…
Maybe if as women we do not bring each other down…
Maybe they will see our power.

Do you not wonder,
What the smell and feel of change is like?
The fresh air change brings..

Do you not want to evolve?
To be heard?
To be loved?

Do you not want change?

I know you want change.
You crave change.
I know you want to walk with your head up high.
I know you want to walk in your zara feeling like you run the world.
I know you want a seat at the table.
I know you want to take charge of your life.
I know you do not want to be seen as frail anymore.

I see it in your eyes.
I see it in your gait.
I see it in your body.
I see your misery.
Your despair.
Your pain.
Your scars.
I know you do well to hide them.

I also know.
You are afraid.
Yet you are hungry for change.
You are starving of change.

What do you do when you are starving?
You go and get food.

Therefore, It is time.
Time to go and get change.
You have to go and get it.
You have to take it.
You have to grab it.

It is time women.
The time is now.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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