Yet I called you friend Ep 4: Love 

 “I was still trying to process everything Pelumi said when she called back the second time to pray with me, then, I suddenly saw a truck in front heading towards me in full speed, at first I thought is this one drunk? But in one second it dawned on me. Brake Failure! I screamed.”

Bolanle wiped her tears as she continued.

“It was crazy, Very crazy. I literally started screaming. I didn’t know what to do, I tried to maneuver but the road was quite narrow. Next thing I knew I was screaming Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” Bolanle laughed even with the tears. “I don’t even know how and why I said his name. And then I heard a loud sound and that was it. Everything went black”

Chinyere Sighed. “Wow.”

“And then everything remained black and suddenly I saw a light it was so bright, it covered the darkness and everything became bright but it was very windy like I was in the cloud. Then I just found myself walking towards the light and a man appeared coming out from the light, he was the light actually because as he moved the light came closer and brighter, He came towards me and I tried to get to him but I was sinking because it was full of sand, I don’t even understand how there was sand like the desert and still it seemed like I was in the clouds. It was extraordinary. Then as I was going toward the man from the light the sands started becoming solid like a rock, It was like the closer I get to him the more the solid ground, I realized the sinking sand was decreasing and I was marvelled so I kept walking towards him since—-” Bolanle was interrupted by the knock on the door. Titi, Bolanle’s sister in-law, came out from the kitchen to check who was there.

“Good morning, I’m here to see Bolanle..”

Bolanle looked towards the door as she heard the familiar voice

“Pelumi!” Bolanle jumped up from the couch and ran to hug her. “Oh-my-God, I cannot believe it, You didn’t even tell me you were coming, I would have planned a nice meal for you, But you just got the address today, how did you even find this place so early, Its just 11am, you must have woken up early to come here all the way from Ikoyi”

“Hey dear” Pelumi laughed and hugged her again. “How are you?”

Bolanle was embarrassed; she forgot this was Pelumi, the well cultured, classy christian woman. “Don’t mind me, I’m just so excited to see you, I’ve told everyone about you and I just completely forgot my manners. Please come in and sit.” She said pointing to a seat.

Pelumi came in and sat then Bolanle sat beside her. “Hi ladies, Good Morning” She said waving to Rhoda.

“Good morning. Nice to finally meet you” Rhoda smiled back not standing up from her seat.

Chinyere smiled and went over to say hi.

Bolanle introduced her friends “Pelumi this is Chinyere and this is Rhoda, my friends”

Titi brought juice for Pelumi from the fridge. “And this is Titi, my Husband’s sister” Bolanle continued. Then she went on asking her many questions. How was it finding here? So you already planned to come today, why didn’t you tell me? Thank you so much for everything. You are heaven sent…

Rhoda just sat there wondering if this was the same Bolanle that just cried here telling her story of how she met Jesus. There was a glow in her eyes as she talked to Pelumi. Rhoda had never seen it before in all the 20-something years she had known Bolanle. She watched as the two women talked, she looked at Pelumi, she was indeed beautiful as Bolanle said, she was much more composed and calm than Bolanle and there was this positive aura and vibe about her. So this was the woman that finally made Bolanle believe in Jesus, after several arguments over the years. It was awesome though, Rhoda thought. At least now her friend would make heaven.

She remembered the Bolanle’s story. She had heard the story over and over as she shared with other people. It’s been 2 weeks since she left the hospital to her Husband’s family house in Lagos and Chinyere was visiting for the first time. It played over and over in her head in Bolanle’s voice.

Pelumi called me again and as I was driving she said she felt led in her spirit to call me again and pray with me. That she felt a burden in her spirit and so she prayed with me. After praying for me over the phone she told me that Jesus loves me no matter what happens and that he wants to reach out to me, that I should hold on no matter what. I didn’t even understand I kept saying Pelumi what are you talking about. But she said I shouldn’t worry that Jesus always brings peace to any storm and that he is the burden bearer. She quoted Matthew 11:28 “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” I know it was Matthew because I googled the verse when I got home after the accident. I later realized she knew the accident was going to happen. Rhoda she knew! Isn’t that amazing how God can tell his children things before it happens?

“After the accident when I suddenly got a call from her after retrieving my number. The first thing she said was Hello Iya Ibeji.  I know God told her that too. Rhoda, you always say you’re a child of God, did you know about the accident too? That I was going to have twins instead?”

The voice replayed in her head again.

Rhoda she knew! Isn’t that amazing how God can tell his children things before it happens?

Rhoda, you always say you’re a child of God, did you know about the accident too? That I was going to have twins instead?”

Then Rhoda suddenly felt uncomfortable about that statement. When Bolanle asked her she assumed it was a rhetoric question because Bolanle continued talking but she was crying while she heard her friend talk about her Jesus experience. But thinking about it now. Rhoda didn’t know. God didn’t tell her.

But why didn’t God tell her? Why didn’t God use her for her friend?

He that is wise winneth souls..

She heard a voice in her head. She was familiar with this verse. Proverbs 11:30

But she knows about the gospel. At least one way or the other she must have heard! Rhoda argued in her spirit.

I couldn’t force her, I thought everything will happen in due time.

Another verse dropped.

 Love is patient…

Rhoda understood. It was God speaking

Love? Really God? Are you saying I don’t love Bolanle? How can you say I don’t love Bolanle?

Rhoda glanced towards Bolanle and Pelumi, they were carrying the twins one each. And yapping on about something Rhoda wasn’t interested in. The living room was quite large and so it was understandable not to completely hear what someone was saying. She looked round the living room, quite an exquisite one, Bolanle had been staying here since she left the hospital with her husband’s family since she really didn’t have any family members in Lagos.

Love is kind, Love beareth all things..

Another verse. Again.

She got up from her seat, picked her phone and her bag. She wasn’t comfortable anymore.

 “Bolanle I have to go, something just came up. I’ll check on you in the evening.”

Bolanle’s countenance fell. “I thought you were spending the day here”

“I’ll be back I promise.” So she hugged Bolanle and Chinyere said waved goodbye to Pelumi.

There was something wrong within her spirit and she had to find out immediately.


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