Lesson Of the week: My #SlayFestival Experience 

Hey guys. How was your weekend? Mine was slay-ful and annoying and slay-ful and tiring and annoying. Lol*straight face*

I had a rough rough weekend. From one thing to another. I’m getting so busy now. Its overwhelming. Anyways, Let’s leave story. As you might have already guessed from the title. I attended the SLA (She Leads Africa) #slayfestival (AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK) and on my way back home reflecting on all that happened and how I felt like it was a waste of time (BECAUSE I COULD HAVE USED THAT TIME DOING SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE) I realized that there were a few lessons this event made me learn and so here are 5 things I learnt this weekend from the #SlayFestival

1. Know what you want, where you are going and why you are going there. Now I’ll use the physical meaning to explain the intrinsic meaning. When my friend told me about the SlayFestival and that she wanted me to come. I was immediately interested. I don’t know why though. Because I didn’t even know what it was!!! But I was interested. So i google ’em, check their instagram page and I got carried away by all their Paparazzy and decided to go. For Christ sake I wasn’t looking into going into the media industry (yet) Yes. I had a passion for the arts, books and movies, but. I wasn’t ready to go in yet and I knew it. I like Finance just as much. But. I DIDNT TELL MYSELF ALL THIS BEFORE THE EVENT. I even persuaded my friend to buy early ticket and we got our tickets a week before the event. Haha. The hype was too much that I almost considered getting new clothes for it. As it was #SlayFestival and I wanted to SLAY and oh boy they kept sending emails on why we had to slay! They even sent us dress code. Lol. What a pathetic thought. And so when my father asked me what SlayFestival was about on the morning of the event I said nonsense. Because that wasn’t exactly what it was about but I DIDNT KNOW. I was carried away by the paparazzi.

2. That leads me to my next point. Don’t get carried away by the hype!!! This one is very important. A lot of people are in careers, relationships, situations and places because of all the hype we heard about that thing. Not that we actually liked that thing/person/career (etc. etc. insert your own) so we have certain expectations and then its cut short when we get there and its not what we expected. Think about it. What if the problem is you and your “great expectations” what if its not the person’s fault that he/she didnt meet up? What if you were carried away by the hype?

3. Another one is, Things are not always what they seem. This is a sad one but its true. All that Glitters is really not Gold. I met a particular celebrity (who wrote a book I really love) at the event that didn’t quite match up to the personality she puts up on social media (Instagram precisely because that’s the one I’m following) she seemed like a real fun person with her posts and all. But seeing her physically and hearing her talk. I just felt like there was something just not real about her. No hating. Just disappointed. I remember meeting a particular babe who came with her sister all the way from Ilorin for the festival only to get really disappointed at the way things turned out. The babe particularly pointed out how excited her sister was about the festival and how she left in annoyance. To make it worse, I remember them saying we should not wear heels because they didn’t want us shaking in heels. Haha. What they didn’t tell us is that they were using A bad location!!! And then, After seeing the Instagram posts they put up from the events. I was just laughing. Social media is such a joke and a lie. Or maybe its all just packaging?

4. Packaging is the way of life!! (Lol) Brings us to the fourth point. My dearies, you just have to package yourself! Everything you do. Package. Look nice. Be presentable. It makes you look like you have more to offer. That’s really what the Slay Festival was about. PACKAGING. You don’t have to be excessively rich to make a statement wherever you step into, just package well and keep it together. Lol. P.S let me just add that I noticed many Nigerian female celebs have this accent thing going on for them. Especially tv and radio personalities. (MOST ESPECIALLY OAPS) Bet why????? Why???? It’s all part of packaging abi?

5. On a last note. I actually learnt something, at least. (Lol) That whatever you want to be in this world. Start small. Start with the little resources you have. You want to be a writer. Own a blog first! You want to be a presenter. Start a Vlog! Anything. Just start. Thats how the world will take you serious.

Yes. So. That about wraps it up. Sincerely the Festival was a waste of time for me personally. I could have spent that time doing something gracious. Not to make them look bad or something but there was a lot of things they could have done better. For example, providing enough seats, better location, enough sheds, better speakers who know what they actually came to talk about, because sincerely most of them were talking about their personal journey not exactly what the fliers said they would talk about. (E.g The making money from the media and building your brand like a boss speakers)

Maybe the other speakers eventually did well but I was already disappointed. Because First impressions last long. Brings me to my 6th point! Oh. I said 5? Sorry.

Others might have liked the way things were organized but I did not. Brings me back to number one again. Know where you’re going and why you’re going.
Okay. This is My Slay Festival Experience
P.S: My friend said all my posts talk about God but I told her its not true that I had quite a number of posts that wasn’t about God, like

But. Thinking about it now. Isn’t Christianity our way of life ?
Yep. It is.
It is not just a religion. It is OUR WAY OF LIFE.
On that note, lets always remember the first assignment as Christians:
“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to the whole creation.” ‭‭Mark‬ ‭16:15‬

8 thoughts on “Lesson Of the week: My #SlayFestival Experience 

  1. Hello Fadeke,

    I couldn’t stop laughing as I read this. I also SLAY-ed.

    Their hearts were in the right place and they had the best intentions, but my feet really hurt badly from standing for so long. Let’s not even talk about the way I was sweating that day. XD

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    1. Hi Nedoux. You also attended?? Aww. We probably even saw each other and didn’t know. (Lol)

      Lmaoo. Everyone was basica sweating. And I really felt for those who did the 10pound make up. It was a waste of “baff-up” lol. All in all, like you said. the whole idea was a cool one except it didn’t just work out.

      Thanks for the comment dear.

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  2. Social Media Hype is real!!!
    I now agree that we should be led by the holyspirit in all that we do including events that we go to.
    I went for this festival and I agree with your points. It could have been well organized.
    Putting up a post about it soon


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  3. omg Point one resonates well with me! After attending one natural hair meet up like that I made up my mind NEVER AGAIN to follow the crowd. The purpose of a vist/hangout/event must be fully defined and accepted by my spirit before I jump to attend.
    The natural hair meet up was just a complete mess and a waste of resources. Venue, facilitators, time, everything. I just wanted to attend just because. Awareness on social media and the popularity was just unbeatable. And it’s a quaterly event. I really why it played out the way it did.
    So when my friend wanted me to go to TPL with her last year, my resting bitch face was just too good. What am I going there to do? Why? Who do I know? How many twitter people know me? Pls Pls Pls

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  4. Wow! Someone came all the way form Ilorin? You are right about being careful about the hype, I think the social media persona has gotten some people into playing the comparison game to their own detriment. Indeed packing is essential. XX

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