Yet I called you Friend Ep 2: The meeting

“Can two walk together except they be agreed? (Amos 3:3)”

 Episode 2: The Meeting

*4 weeks Ago*

“Ah, this Lagos is not for me. I need to go back to ABJ really soon” Bolanle sighed and sank into the sofa in Rhoda’s living room.

Rhoda laughed and said “See this one because you spent 4 months in Abuja now, we no go hear word”

They both laughed.

“But think about it now, I spent 3 hours on a usual 30minutes journey yesterday. Traffic is too much biko.” Bolanle sighed

“Its okay, shey you’re going back soon ?” Rhoda asked sitting beside her friend.

“Yes on Friday. And my baby is coming back in 2 weeks. I soooo misss him” Bolanle said with her hands clutching the pillow to her chest smiling. Rhoda clapped the wonders-shall-never-end-kindof-clap

“Na wa, Madam. We too go soon marry one day. Just tell him not to come back empty handed”

Bolanle laughed and looked up. “Of course he won’t. He’ll even shop for our baby girl. Oh. Shoot. 12pm Already.” She got up.

“You’re going ?”

“Yes. I have to go get ready; the conference starts at 2”

“Oh” Rhoda scratched her head. “I completely forgot about it” Then she rolled her eyes.

“Continue rolling your eyes oh. Liar oshi” Bolanle said wearing her shoes.

“I will be waiting for you there. I know you’ll say your car is bad. Don’t worry just come I’ll come back and drop you. Would have waited for you but I don’t want to be late. You know this is one of the major reasons I came to lag” She packed all her stuff in her bag. Hugged Rhoda and said goodbye.

“Okay madam. Bye. I’ll see if I can come. Drive safe oh, you know your condition and Greet mumsi for me!”


  • *******************************************


“Its fine you can sit here. I reserved it for someone but I doubt she’ll show up” Bolanle said pointing at the seat next to her.

“Thank you” The lady smiled and sat next to her.

Teeth so perfect.  Bolanle thought. So apart from her radiating beauty, charisma and fashion sense; this lady still had perfectly white teeth. And she was so fit. Flat tummy, Light skin, tiny waist, perfect height, infact everything about her was popping. Bolanle hadn’t admired a woman in a long time but this woman was definitely God’s special creation. It wasn’t just her make up that made her beautiful. There was something.

“Its fine.” Bolanle said.

Then Bolanle noticed her hair and just had to say something even if she snubs her, because Bolanle understood the dynamics of the Lagos Big Girls. “oh I bought it in London on my way to paris!” Bolanle laughed in her head when she remembered this statement which one particularly fine Lagos big girl had told her when she complimented her shoe last week. This Lagos sha and packaging. Abuja wasn’t like this. It was much saner, except that things were pretty expensive. When they, her husband and her, moved to Abuja after her their wedding, Bolanle wasn’t too sure she loved the idea of leaving the city that never sleeps, but 7 months down the line and she started to really like the calm in Abuja.  The city that had the real big boys and girls, where there’s no noise yet money is stacked. She came back to see her friends and family and used the opportunity to attend The Brainbox Conference and she suddenly realized she cannot understand what the fuss is really about in this Lagos. “This Lagos is overhyped!” she screamed to Rhoda one morning out of frustration. Rhoda gave her the you-don’t-know-what-you’re-talking-about look. “abeg, shut up”

“Very nice hair.” Bolanle said smiling at the light skin lady. Then she added “But how many hours did it take you to finish?” Just not to sound like she was in love with her or something

The lady laughed. “Its a wig”

What a warm laughter. Bolanle thought as she kept quiet. Okay maybe she’s friendly.

“Wait. What? A wig” It dawned on her what the lady had just said.

“Yes it is.”

“Wow. Nice one. I’ve been looking to get a braid wig for myself but I didn’t think it looked this good in real life. You know how this IG pictures lie.”

“Well it’s really nice as you can see and it very light. Touch it”

Bolanle touched it.

“I’ve had it for almost a year now and its hand-made, you will absolutely love it”

“Wow, where did you get it and how much is it?” Bolanle asked still running her hand through the braids

“My best friend. She has someone that makes them for her in Benin republic” The light skin lady answered

“Maybe you’ll give me her number after the conference.”

“No problem, she’s supposed to come too but something held her back and she specifically begged me to attend so I can give her feedback” the light skin lady said. “She’s on her way though, maybe you’ll get a chance to meet her”

Bolanle nodded. “Okay”

Mis-judged. Bolanle thought. The babe turned out nice afterall. At least she didn’t lie she got it in Spain or Germany.

Then they started sharing the conference kit and Bolanle noticed the lady’s pack had a name. Pelumi Ogunmuyiwa.


  •  **************************************************


“So your friend didn’t eventually show up.”

“No. Sadly. Let me give you her-” Then her phone rang. “One second please”

“Hello babe wassup? Oh. The conference just ended but I haven’t left yet. Oh. Okay. You’re at the 3rd roundabout? Alright. I’ll wait then. Bye” she hung up and faced Bolanle “She’s already close, she should be here in..say 2 minutes” the lady turned to Bolanle looking at her phone. It was 3:32pm. Bolanle looked at the lady’s iphone screen. 3:32pm bodly written with a screen saver “SAVED BECAUSE I BELIEVE”

“Okay, I”ll try and wait. But how can you be sure she’s where she says she is, my friend Rhoda will tell you she’s on her way and she’s just ging to take her bath” they both laughed “I think its general Lagos practice sef” Bolanle concluded

“Well I disagree, because it’s the same as lying and I try my best not to lie because it’s a sin.” The light skin lady replied.

Bolanle looked at her stunned. The lady laughed.

“I trust my friend not to lie not even about something as frivolous as this, because she’s a Christian too and lying is wrong and she’s aware of that” She continued.

Bolanle liked that this babe could trust that when her friend says she’ll do something, she’ll definitely do it. “Nice, now I eagerly want to meet your friend”

Then the light skin lady’s phone rang again. “Hello. Yes come forward, I’m wearing a blue dress” She stood up and waved and started walking towards the back. “She’s here. Excuse me”

Bolanle checked her watch. 3:35pm.

Wow. Bolanle thought.

Then her conference kit fell, so she bent to pick it up

“Hi” someone said. Bolanle looked up and saw two ladies in front of her. The light skin lady, Pelumi Ogunmuyiwa and a dark skin lady, who looked really elegant too. This must be the best friend.

“Hi, you must be the best friend Pelumi told me about.” She stood up and stretched her hand to the dark skinned one.

“Oh. No. I’m not Pelumi. I’m Nneka” the light skin lady answered back. “She is the Pelumi, But, wait how did you know that though?”

“I saw your conference kit. It had Pelumi Ogunmuyiwa on it” Bolanle answered feeling silly like someone that just engaged in exam malpractice.

“Oh. No. It’s not mine. She asked me to come because she wasn’t sure she could make it. So I made reservations before coming to sit to receive her kit on her behalf in case she doesn’t eventually show up.” Nneka answered back smiling.“Well here’s my bestfriend, Pelumi Ogunmuyiwa” She said pointing at the dark skin lady. The real Pelumi.

“Nice to meet you” Bolanle said and stretched out her hand to shake her.

“Nice to meet you too ma’am” Pelumi said hugging her instead.

So beautiful and yet so friendly, even though she was dark skinned she could favourably compete with Nneka, infact they were both so beautiful. Bolanle thought. I’m so silly Bolanle said to herself.




“Thanks. So I’ll give you a call when I get home so we can decide when I’ll get the wig yeah?” Bolanle told Pelumi as they both walked to the car park. Nneka had left them earlier because she had church service she didn’t want to miss.

“No problem. I’ll even call you myself” Pelumi answered. Then they found Pelumi’s driver first and she hugged Bolanle again. “Bye dear. Say Hi to king.” They both laughed then she entered the car. Bolanle found this funny that they already had their own inside joke.

Bolanle found her car and entered and decided to call Rhoda first. Rhoda found one excuse to give why she didn’t show up for the conference. And Bolanle wondered if Rhoda was ready to grow up at all. This was a girl talk conference Bolanle had been attending for 4years now and Rhoda always found one excuse or the other not to show up. Meanwhile here are two friends helping each other and building up each other. She remembered how Pelumi had just suddenly checked her wristwatch and said “babe its 4:30 already. You should start going so you don’t miss your bible study by 6:30” and almost immediately Nneka got up and said goodbye. It was amazing to her how they took their beliefs so serious. Who really reminds their friend of bible study?

Bolanle thought about her experience today. The words the ladies spoke. How kind and gentle they were. There was this vibe they created, this peace she felt around them. There was definitely something about them. Especially Pelumi. She spoke kind words and gave words of encouragement to all the speakers. Within just 2hours with Pelumi and Nneka. She could tell they were beautiful people not just on the outside but on the inside too. Pelumi even called her unborn child King. Because she said she could feel he would turn out a great child, so she would name him King if Bolanle invited her to the naming ceremony. This made Bolanle laugh. “Yes sure I’ll invite you. It’s a girl though”

But Pelumi laughed and said. “Well, I think it’s a boy but. okay. We’ll go with Queen then.”



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