Yet I called you friend Ep 1: Who is Pelumi?

Hey beautiful people, so sorry I’ve been MIA. Was working on something for yall (yaay?) and I’ve also had posting issues. But we here now!

So, I’ll be running a new series titled “Yet I called you friend” It’s a topic God specially called me to address and I decided to write it as a story instead to capture more details. I pray as you read you understand the point of the message passed across in Jesus Name. Amen.

Ep 1: Who is Pelumi?

“Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest (matt 11:28)”

“Rhoda, I saw Jesus”

“Jesus? I don’t understand. What do you mean?”
Rhoda didn’t understand. Bolanle wasn’t a Christian, how did she see Jesus ? This accident has definitely taken its toll on her head.
Its been 4 weeks. 4 long weeks since Rhoda got the sudden call from Dimeji, Bolanle’s brother, that Bolanle had been in a fatal accident and had been rushed to the hospital. Rhoda was immediately distablised. Her pregnant best friend was in an accident and at that moment she didn’t know what to do, she was so afraid, she immediately threw up and started stooling. To make it worse the network was bad and Dimeji couldn’t confirm the hospital, the whereabout or the situation yet.
What if Bolanle dies?
God forbid. She tried to keep the thoughts out of her mind. Then she remembered God and started to pray. She didn’t know what to pray for as she realized she was talking gibberish. So she started praying in tongues. Next thing she was crying. When she eventually found out the hospital they had taken her to, she stayed there for 2 weeks, praying, holding hands, hoping Bolanle would wake up or at least move. But She did not.
In that time she missed work on paid time off meaning she lost 2weeks of pay just to stay with Bolanle. Bolanle was that important to her. She didn’t care about the money. This is life and not just any life but the life of her bestfriend. This bestfriend whom she loved so much, whom she would do anything for. Bolanle had given a lot to her in the past, their friendship had gone through the test of time. It had been 22 years now and she was sure this amazing woman would do anything for her. But this amazing woman who was once a cheerful and ever smiling woman laid down here. Lifeless. Rhoda cried and prayed every night, in those 2weeks and even when Sukanmi, Bolanle’s husband told her to go home. She refused. Rhoda felt it was so unfair, Bolanle was such a good girl, She didn’t deserve an accident barely 10months after her wedding. What if Bolanle dies ?
God forbid. Who’s going to plan her own wedding for her? Who’s going to be her bestfriend again?
God forbid.
Bolanle remained in a coma for about 3 weeks with the baby in her womb and the doctors kept saying there were not sure, the baby seemed alive. The hospital management started to worry, maybe they should refer her somewhere else. They could still see heartbeat, they didn’t even understand what was going on. They eventually concluded on waiting for Bolanle to wake up which was silly in Rhoda’s opinion.
Rhoda wasn’t even sure if it was a good thing or bad thing. At first she was confused then she started to think maybe it was a miracle. Then later she concluded that maybe the doctors were just incompetent.
But here she is 4 weeks after and her best friend is alive and has given birth to two babies without surgery! It was unbelievable. It was medically impossible. This was wonder. It was unexplainable.
She remembered telling Chinyere that Bolanle was awake and had given birth to twins without surgery and Chinyere had laughed out loud and told her “babe if na joke, stop am.
“If you trying to tell me she died, just say it!” Chinyere screamed.
Until Chinyere got to the hospital and saw with her eyes. She didn’t believe.
What a doubting thomas! Rhoda thought. But did she blame her ? It was indeed an unbelievable wonder. It was an awesome wonder.
The doctors said she just suddenly woke up and said she was ready to give birth to her babies. They didn’t understand how she expected “babies” or what she even meant by that, because they had done quite a number of scans and it was just a baby. But they went ahead with the delivery and it was indeed two babies. The whole hospital was in shock. The news travelled round and people started coming to “tap in her blessing” And they even called her the wonder woman. 
Dr Bamidele even told Rhoda “something happened to your friend in those 3weeks. Something different, Something powerful..”
“I’m serious Rhoda. I saw Jesus.”
Rhoda jerked back to the reality in front of her. The brown eyes in the hospital bed. Ah. Yes. Bolanle had seen Jesus.
“He brought me back. Rhoda! He brought me back and he replaced my already dead baby with 2 babies. Yes. He did that”
“Yes. That is what happened. In those weeks I was gone, I was on a journey”
Rhoda started to get excited, Maybe this was a good thing afterall. Her friend finally believing in the lordship of Jesus Christ ! Finally they can talk about the awesomeness of the Holy Spirit. Finally they can talk about spiritual things and totally not feel weird. She liked this. So she smiled at Bolanle, She was still talking.
“I really don’t know what happened, maybe it was a dream because its not even understandable to the average man. but I saw someone touch me, he took my dead baby out and put back 2 babies in me”
“So how do you know it was Jesus?” Rhoda asked.
“Because he quoted the same bible verse Pelumi quoted to me before the accident” Bolanle answered as she frowned.
“And who is Pelumi?”

7 thoughts on “Yet I called you friend Ep 1: Who is Pelumi?

  1. Starting a series is really nice. 😊😊 Well done hun.
    But on this episode I have some questions o, can somebody get saved in a dream? And also is it bcos of the miracle she believed or what exactly did Jesus say……..


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