What does God want from me?

Woow. We’re in November already! My birthdayyyy month. Whoooopppp!!! I’m a year older (november 8) and I am absolutely thankful that God has counted me worthy to see this year in between the many blessings and miracles he’s been doing. Woooowwww is all I can say. This year has indeed been a journey. I’ve gotten so far from where I used to be. (#np Onise Iyanu by Nathaniel Bassey)

Pardon my manners, I’m just amazed at how fast this year is gone and how far I’ve come.

On that note, how yall doing???  Been a minute! I know right. Sigh. My laptop had issues, a lot of issues for that matter, but I’ve also been very busy. 

Moving on, “this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before… (‭Philippians‬ ‭3‬:‭13-14‬ KJV)”

So as I checked the calendar today, it struck me that this year has ended already. It DAWNED on me is right word. 

What particularly dawned on me is the fact the year has ended and I haven’t achieved any of the goals I had planned. Funny because I was all talks about setting goals and achieving them in this post. And I myself have become a victim. All that talk and no action right?

Lol, the thing is. Its really easy to write down goals. Its easy to write a blog post or speak to encourage people to live up to their goals. Its even easy to condemn people for not living up to their goals. What is not easy is actually achieving those goals and aspirations. Just like it’s absolutely easy to preach the gospel but yet not live what you preach.

Yes. I’m hitting the nail right on the head in today’s post. No sugar coating, no caressing. Lets tell each other the truth. 

The truth is I haven’t achieved anything at all based on my goals for the year and we’re in November already even though I wrote them down and I tried to be as SMART as possible. (If you read this My G-waggs post you’ll understand what I mean by SMART) 

But still I haven’t achieved any.

But the fact is I actually achieved way more than I expected. Asin, I achieved things I didn’t plan to achieve. Things I didn’t even think I would find interest in. And I didn’t even have to struggle or hustle to achieve these things. Because really, all things work together for Good for those who love the Lord.

Things didn’t go according to my plans because there was a gap between my plans and God’s plans. Especially because I never cease to make mention of asking for His will to be done in my life in every prayer session I find myself.

And this is a big deal.

This is THE actual deal.

This is the reason we have issues.

This is the reason we fail.

This is the reason things don’t work out.

Sometimes, things even work out but still it is not God’s plan for us.


What if we realize after 10years in a career or business that it isn’t exactly God’s purpose for us? How would that make us feel?

How many of us actually prayed before starting that business? That career? That boyfriend ? That relationship? That job? That house?

How many of us consult “our Lord” before making any decision? Any decision at all ?


I think people should stop calling Jesus their Lord if we cant give him the entire power to be our Lord in the actual meaning of the word.

Lol let me not deviate. The point of this post is to remind us that without God we can really do nothing.

“I am the vine and ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. John 15:5”

And that its really easy to set goals and all but whats the point if its not in line with God’s goals for us ? Whats the essence of being a believer if we really cant tell what God wants us to do and what he doesn’t want.

This is the biggest lesson I learnt this year “to let Go and let God”. This year I’m all about living according to God’s purpose and will by continually dwelling in his presence and living according to his word.

A lot of people want to be entrepreneurs when God’s purpose is for them to serve first.  Others are busy working for someone when God’s plans for them are different. Some youths are struggling desperately to travel abroad even when it isn’t God’s plan at the time. Some people have kept their lives on hold because of a dream they think they have. Its okay to have dreams but what if thats not the perfect will of God for you ? Others are holding on to a man/woman that isn’t meant for them.

Recently, someone dear to me shared a testimony of how she had being told as a young woman that she would travel abroad (by prophets lol) so she kept trying but no visa, her friends even went. They just kept denying her. Until this year (after about 20 years, marriage and children) when she least expected it, she got the visa. Without hustle or struggle. She didn’t have to stress. She even got 2years and for a newbie in this economic times. It was a miracle for her.

What you don’t know, you don’t know my friend.  

Another set of people are the ones that already even know God’s plans but want to force their own plans on him like the Israelites did with King Saul. Oh, This is the worst I tell you. Of course God will eventually allow you have your will if you continue disturbing him about that thing you want. But it will NOT be his will. And he will NOT change his will. He will only allow you. So just because everything is going on well doesn’t mean its actually God’s will.

You have to ask him and be sure. You need an assurance before doing anything as a believer. He wants you to ask him. He wants to be your “bestie”. He wants you to respect him like you respect your mentor. He wants you to consult him before consulting your prophet. He wants you to ask for his advice before asking your mum or dad or husband. He wants you to dwell enough in his presence to understand him. He wants you to hear when he speaks. He wants a relationship with you. That’s the only way you’ll recognize his voice. That’s the only way you show him he’s really your Lord.


God wants a relationship with you so he can lead you right.

This is what God really wants.

5 thoughts on “What does God want from me?

  1. As Nice as the post is, I’d want to share something Iv found out as I keep learning and growing in God’s word. This is it- God’s will is not always done. Infact most of the time it’s not. And also without God, you can do many things. Sounds shocking right? Yes you can. 2 Tim 2:4 says the will of God is for all men to be saved n for all to come into the knowledge of truth( Jesus) right. And yet, all men are not saved n all men are’nt knowing Jesus. So here’s my point which I think you’ve mentioned in this post. For God’s will to really be done, Men must do something about it. Men must consciously decide to walk in that plan n purpose. Cuz the truth is you can do all you want, God is not a tyrant that will cause evil to fall upon you . Scriptures says he makes his rain to fall on both good n bad and his sun to shine on both good n evil, but you must decide to walk in his plan if truly he is Your Lord. Blessed. 😊


  2. Wow. This is an inspirational piece and the write up is so real. Many wants him(God) to have them as their besties and guide but don’t want to give in to giving him the full-time relationship he requires, he doesn’t want to be an alternative, he wants to be the first and only choice. I hope this piece goes viral cos I know all that read it would be blessed…just like I am now.
    Thanks Fadeke. Keep up the good work.


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