Catching Up: When writing is really your calling.

Hey Friends! Yes you’re all my friends now because you guys constantly read my posts and encourage me to write more.And I love you all, because you strengthen me! 💪
I promise, I want to write more for you guys but I’ve been so busy. (This one is Legit)
I have so much to talk about actually (you need to see my drafts) but to put together a complete post is the problem. Even when I’m not busy, my laptop is probably dead at that moment. Phcn problem. Sigh. And for a while now I’ve been having issues blogging with my phone because it doesn’t copy and paste on WordPress and it is just plain stressful. But I decided to go through the stress and just blog today. So I’m blogging live from Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way Lagos, Nigeria with my iPhone. Not like you’re interested in all that details but what are friends for if not to give details of every gist? 😂
Where should we start from ? Lets catch up. What have you all been up to this past few weeks of my “non-blogging” ?
For Me:
1. I got a 9 to 5 grind to attend to now. (Yaay me?) If you dont know what a 9 to 5 is?. Google is your friend. Just like me. 😜
2. I started a business with Teniola of! Whoooop! #ChristianWomenInBusiness. We are an online store that trades in custom/ready made wigs and wristwatches (for now). We named it Regalia because it is associated with royalty. And aren’t we all Royales? (Completely ignoring Lorde and her royale song. *rolling my eyes) For now we are actively on Instagram. Pleas click  here to follow and most importantly Shop. 😉  SUPPORT GROWING BUSINESSES.
As small as we are, its not been easy at all for me but how we gon make THAT money If we don’t work THAT work ?
3. I’m also undergoing training atm for a program (that takes up most of my weekend) which I’m completely excited about but I cannot tell you guys (sadly) about it yet because I don’t want to jinx it. But the point is  I’m launching another business. This time alone. Cant wait to share with you guys!  Whoop!
4. I also decided to join the workers in my home church (RCCG) since now I’m kinda settled at home for the moment. I’ve always been a worker in all the other churches I’ve attended away from home. But RCCG’s own ehn, feels different. Lol you need to see my face at 6:30am on Sunday morning when I’m rushing out to get to church before my workers-in-training teacher. They even made me class captain. Egbami. 😱 haha. I’m happy to work for God always though. Actually been in the drama group since but just haven’t officially gone through the RCCG workers training (even though I’ve gone through other training in other churches)
I just have this little problem I hope I can manage, the problem is not the less/no makeup rule or the no pants rule. ITS THE NO-NATIVE-ATTIRE-to-church-on-sunday rule. 😭😭😭 I’m serious. I have more native related church clothes. Why should there even be a “clothe code” for workers in any church. I keep wondering what the relevance is really. The whole “look corporate” rule to church makes absolutely no sense to me. Except you’re in the choir which is understandable for the sake of uniformity. Where would I wear all my ASO-EBIs to now?😟
Talking about Clothes. I’m starting a fashion blogggg. Haha JK. Yall be like “ahhh. Fadeke is now a backslider” Its not a fashion blog but I’ll be opening a new category for The Fashionable Christian Woman. With an appropriate title which I wont say now (SO MANY SECRETS?) haha. Get Ready guys. I just need a very good camera now. Hmm…
Anyways, That’s most of what I’ve been up to this past month. See how busy I’ve become? I remember my non-busy days when I begged  and prayed to be busy and people kept telling me to enjoy those days then. Now I understand. 😪 but I don’t ever want to go back. I’m thankful for this journey.
If you’re not so busy (i.e without a job or whatever) now. Better Enjoy it while it lasts and STOP complaining.
So I’m done. After two long hours. This unplanned post turned out to be a long post. #WhenWritingIsReallyYourCalling. Haha.
So I want to know what you guys have been up to. Please tell me, when you don’t comment I feel like I’m talking to myself. 😕
Remember to like and share with your friends. Don’t be selfish.
P.S As at the time I finished this post. I still hadn’t gotten home. Lagos and traffic! Maybe I should start writing all my posts on my way home? Yes? I actually got inspired to talk about another topic just now! LOL
For now catch up on my previous posts like WAKE UP! where I talked about this generation of sleeping Christians or you can click here to read the first post which premiered my blog life in case you haven’t read it. I also got this THE WORD MAN post to get featured in my church bulletin! Progress!
I particularly like this WHAT IF I DONT WANT TO GET MARRIED? post. haha. It was so controversial and the first part of the funmi story which I wrote about a lost sheep.
Check them out!
Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. (‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5‬:‭16-18‬ KJV)

6 thoughts on “Catching Up: When writing is really your calling.

  1. Hi Fadeke,

    Congratulations on bagging a 9-to-5 (More like 8-to-6 in these parts, Lol). Well done on the entrepreneurial venture, it’s both impressive and inspiring.

    I’ll admit that I’m still scratching my head on this- @ “Backslider”. Are fashion bloggers backsliders? Is fashion blogging un-Christianly?

    The peach lace outfit is lovely and suits you beautifully. 🙂


    1. Hey nedoux,
      Thank you, thank you. Lol sometimes its 7-6 😫

      And I do not actually mean it like that you how know people say you’ve lost focus the moment you don’t talk about God. But of course I love the idea of fashion and I follow a bunch of fashion bloggers, so theres nothing “un-christianly” about them. At the end of the day the category would be “fashion-bloggish” I was just talking about the hypocrites, because I’ve had scenerios where because of a blog post people throw hypocritical comments at me. I just dont bother really.
      Thank you for constantly viewing and dropping your indepth thoughts. Of course I love you already. 😘😘

      Liked by 1 person

  2. For the second time u got me glued to my phone screen. #WhenWritingIsReallyYourCalling u just catch up with people unawares. Good work ma’am


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