For many years, I was a liar, I was selfish, I was still fornicating, malice and all those other works of the flesh were still very evident in me yet I would still say “I am a Christian” and the devil was busy laughing at my stupidity! I go to church regularly for bible study, prayer meeting and Sunday school, Just like you, but it was all a LIE, a FAÇADE. My heart was still far from him.

I have made some of these silly comments:
If its from my mother’s fridge its not stealing;
If its not actually sex, its not fornicating;
If the person annoys me, don’t I deserve to be angry?
Do I have to talk to her if she doesn’t talk to me?
It’s a small lie, its not a big deal;
I can take a little alcohol so far I don’t get drunk (this one is a big FAQ);
I can date an unbeliever, so far I know the God I serve after all its one God (ah!)
I don’t want to be all “holier than thou”

(yes, I am shouting oh)

I was listening to Pastor Segun Onayinka of Saint’s Community (big inspiration) and he talked about RELIGIOUS MODERNIZERS. And UNCLE Holy Spirit, I stopped calling holy spirit my nigga because that’s just too much disrespect, just made me pause on this one. ahhh. This one touched me. I was like yaaas Lord! THIS ONE IS DEFINITELY TALKING ABOUT ME! I was like I AM A RELIGIOUS MODERNIZER DEF.

RELIGIOUS MODERNIZERS are people who are the bridge between the church and the world.

After thorough analysis, I added my own definition.
RELIGIOUS MODERNIZERS are the ones modernizing the church, they’re confused about their stand because they want to please the world and still be in church so they’re in the middle, they are in the church because its convenient, because some of them were born in church,  they are comfortable with believers and still comfortable with unbelievers. Comfortable as in, unbelievers tell you “aww you are so cool, I like your own Christianity, its not loud”. CHRISTIANITY IS SUPPOSED TO BE LOUD! Comfortable as in, when they’re in church they’re hot, when they’re at parties (like club, pool etc etc), where nothing is obviously holy, na them dey! They’re cool kids there too. (cool is not fruit of the holy spirit in case you were wondering. lol)

They supposedly can fit anywhere. They are hot and cool together, they are the show stoppers on Friday and the-turn-up-for-Jesus on Sunday. Haha! They will re BC Open heavens (that they didn’t even read), they are among those that go online on Christian blogs and say “this post is definitely for me” BUT THEY DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO CHANGE! They are the ones that do not see the big deal in inviting an artiste to the church on the altar to sing a song that does not glorify God. (This issue caused controversy in my Music and God. post) They’re the choristers that still have unreasonable songs (I know you know what I mean by unreasonable) on their playlist because they “like the beat”. They say “just ignore the preacher and listen to the message I carry”
THEY’RE THE FIRST TO WAKE US UP WITH SPIRITUAL DPs ON SUNDAY but they went to church late, chai.


I’m not even exaggerating, I know a lot of “so-called-Christians” that are like that. Infact most of us are in one category or the other. We are guilty in one way or another. And its sad because we are the ones that actually know the word so we bring younger Christians to sin because of our actions.


The WORST ones are the ones that don’t even do nothing. Nothing at all. We don’t even know you’re a Christian until you tell us with your mouth. We don’t see it in your character, your speech, your social network, your dressing, your lifestyle. NOTHING. Its not that I’m asking us to be hypocrites, but we are supposed to share our salvation. It IS COMPULSORY. YOU HAVE TO LET THE WORLD KNOW YOU’RE A CHRISTIAN. HOW CAN YOU BE QUIET ABOUT YOUR SALVATION? HOW CAN YOU ACT LIKE IT’S A THING TO BE ASHAMED OF? (#np Tell the world by Lecrae)

IF YOU CLAIM TO BE A CHRISTIAN, BE ONE. BE AN ACTUAL ONE. You CANNOT be lukewarm. You cannot AFFORD to be lukewarm. You cannot drink of the cup of the Lord and the cup of devils (1cor10:21)

Stop being here and there

Christianity is not just church going. Christianity is about being LIKE CHRIST. If you’re going to be in the world just stay there, don’t be forming Christian for us only on Sundays or because your father is a deacon (SALVATION IS PERSONAL). Please choose your struggle. If you’re going to be a Christian, make that decision and stay by it, talk to somebody about Jesus, dont keep it to yourself. Stop swaying to the left and right by every wind of doctrine. Stop choosing worldly pleasures over God, stop being comfortable with sin.The church has been sleeping long enough.


We need to waakee up!


There are things you shouldn’t do as a Christian and you know it. Stop bringing shame to the other brethren with your attitude and character, stop making people curse the faith because of your relationships. IF YOU CLAIM TO BE A CHRISTIAN, BE AN ACTUAL ONE according to the scriptures.
Let them say “your own is too much”
Let them say “madam pastor”

You are the light of the world. No one lights a lamp and puts it under a bowl; instead he puts it on the lamp stand, where it gives light for everyone in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your father who is in heaven.


Wake up you sleeping Christians,

Stand up and be accountable for Jesus.

It’s time for us to live our faith.

Why slumber in complacency?

From which Satan takes delight.

Rise up and fight the fight of faith,

And give old Lucifer a well deserved fright.

Lets make the devil start running,

For he has had his way too long.

It’s Christ Jesus who we should be following.

Let everything we do,

Be done in the Name of The Lord.

Let everything that we say.

Be backed up by His Word.
this poem was culled from http://www.mylordmyfriend.com/2013/05/09/wake-up-you-sleeping-christians-a-poem/

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