I laugh at these people

I am feMALE,
They say I was made out of the man that’s why they also call me woMAN.
They say,
Of course, you can dream,
You can want the best out of life,
But..but.. not so much, so you don’t chase men away from you..
They say,
The man is allowed to dream big, he should be ambitious
I say
Anybody can dream big,
Anybody can be anything they want to be.
They say,
You must submit,
The man would have to be a lord over you so you must submit, not necessarily to the man that ends up with you but to every man out there.
Because from man the woman was made..
I laugh,
And wonder why I have to bring myself low just to feed their egos.
They say,
The woman is weaker,
The woman is fragile,
The woman should sit at home, no, so she should work, she should be a helper, we need helpers..
I laugh again.

They say,
it’s a man’s world
oh, the man can never be completely faithful in a relationship,
Baby girl, You have to learn to forgive him and move on
That’s how men are,
I laugh at these people,
They think,
I can’t be unfaithful too,
I say,
I will forgive if I choose to,
I will fight for him if I want to,
Not because I am a woman and he is a man,
But because I choose to,
These people don’t know who I am,
I am thunder,
Baby, I am sunshine,
I am venom,
I am honey,
I am an inferno,
I am a spring,
Honey, I am jollof rice,
I am hell,
Oh yes,
I am heaven,
Altogether in one piece,
I can ruin the man,
I can make the man,
If I want to.
And they call me weak,
They call me fragile,
I laugh at these people..
They say,
The woman should cook,
I say,
I don’t mind cooking but I wonder,
Why an activity such as feeding oneself is placed in the life of another human..

And I know,
We are not EQUALS
I am not in a competition with the man,
How can I want to be equal with the man?
The man who can’t wear lipstick and turn heads?
Who can’t cry so he won’t look weak?
The man who can’t slay in heels?
I do not desire to be equal with the man,
I do not desire to have physical strength and no emotional threshold for pain,
I do not want to constantly have my ego fed,
I do not want to find solace in feeling strong when I am indeed weak.
I am content with being a woman,
I know my place,
My powerful place,
And THEY can’t tell me what I should and can be.

I just demand justice,
To be treated fairly,
This world needs queens,
And kings,
Who understand their place in life’s game of chess.
Who do not interfere with each others places
Who have full understanding of their real roles in this movie..
And I will remember to teach my daughters to teach their sons and daughters,
Because it seems to me our mothers failed at teaching it.

To all the women who are not afraid to sparkle a little brighter,
Happy international women’s day.


13 thoughts on “I laugh at these people

  1. I have not really had a good day but this post got me smile not once but uncountable.You have truly spoken and all I can say is that the man who would get married to you is sure one LUCKY MAN.Keep up the good job dear.

    Liked by 1 person

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