On this day

On this day
I remember it all,
The frigid
And restless night
The night I prayed passionately for intervention,
The night that came with a sharp pain in my heart like a bee sting,
The night life served me a cold meal,
The night I came to fear,
It was the same night you left.

On this day,
I cannot forget,
It was the day that everything changed,
The day you smiled last,
The day you cried last,
The day we hugged last,
The day we spoke last,
The day you touched me last,
It was the day the you lived last.

And on this day,
The thought of you brings distress to my soul,
The thought that we could have conquered the world together,
The thought of the many more selfies we could have taken,
The thought of all the numerous stories we could have told,
The thought that you could have lived at least a little longer.

And everyday,
I still feel every pain,
Every heartbreak,
Every sorrow,
Every strife,
Every bitterness,
Every struggle,
Every dark night,
That comes with losing a sister.

Wherever you are,
On this day,
If you can see this,
I just want to say
Not I miss you
Not I want you back
Or Why did you leave
Not Why did you give up on life?
Not that I think about you too much
I just want to say,
I hope you’re resting in perfect peace?

Its been 365 void days…
Fadekemi A




7 thoughts on “On this day

  1. Sorry about your Sister 😞😞😞😞
    I can’t imagine how you stayed strong
    May Untimely death never be your portion and any of your loved ones ..🙏🙏
    Only the “Strong” can write this ..


  2. Your sister would be so happy to see this beautifully written article done in her honour.

    The words that you used capture your emotions so perfectly. This post touched me deeply because I can relate with the pain from the loss of a loved one.

    I guess it gets easier as time goes by, one day at a time… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I also pray she is resting in perfect peace,the news hit me so had that day,even though I didn’t know her in person but the so much resemblance knew she must have been like you.Take care dear

    Liked by 1 person

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