If God truly exists

Dear God, it’s me. Remember me? I heard you know every one of us; that you’ve known us even before we were born right from when we were in our mother’s wombs. Well that’s what the yellow woman said. I heard you know every single part of our body because our body is your temple (lol) supposedly; actually some of us cannot accommodate you.
“God loves us all equally and there’s no condemnation for us when we come to Christ” that’s what Nkechi said; the yellow woman.
I met Nkechi about 6 months ago, she told me about you in a different way. She reached out to me and our connection was so different unlike the way those holier than thou religionist force you to listen to them and disturb your peace; and it felt as if I had never heard about you before. I couldn’t believe my ears first day she said Funmi how come you have never talked to me about what Christ?. I mean she was too cool. Not like there weren’t cool christians around but she was different. Talking about God was mainstream in this generation; well maybe because of the class that oozed out of her; but when I heard her talk about how you changed her life, about how when she lost her parents in a plane crash at age 13 you helped her get through, about how she started fighting cancer after the death of her parents and how she won, about how she lost her first fiancé to malaria. Ordinary malaria! It amazed me how someone could have so much faith even after life has been so cruel. She has such a pretty heart and kind words. I remember how I met her; She keeps saying she was destined to meet me that day that nothing really happens without a reason. I always tell her every single time that day wasn’t a big deal; we were on this terribly long queue at a bank. And I just suddenly hear “Your dress is so pretty been staring at it for so long! My mind won’t let me rest until say it out. Where did you get it?”
“Thank you” I grinned. Of course, I love compliments “That’s a pretty dress you have on too. Is that your hair?”I touched her puff
“Yes it’s my hair. All mine. 5 years natural and counting” she said with satisfaction
“Nice I envy you natural hair ladies; I don’t think I can stand the stress”
“its not so hard though. I can help you if you want to start you just have to make the decision to do so. Let me have your pin I can introduce you to a few bbm channels. I’m nkechi. ” she brought out her hand
“Oh. I’m funmi. Funmi bankole”
When I told her I stopped believing in you a long time ago, she said she understood that she too was once in darkness for about 3 years (darkness she said!) she said I was in darkness that I didn’t understand the light because I’ve been in darkness for too long. She said I was missing a lot by not been associated with you. There’s probably a supreme power up there as you claim but he has no business with me, he lost interest in me already. I said laughing. Nkechi said you didn’t lose interest it was just a test of faith. “test?!” I exclaimed. How can everything that has happened to me in this 34 years of my existence be a test? A mere test? That’s when she told me her own “test”. About how her uncles took over her father’s properties because they were young and ordinary girls; she and her sister. How they changed schools from Corona to Alimosho grammar school because they had to move to Iyana-ipaja to stay with Aunty Nkiru her mother’s sister who wasn’t so buoyant, how she had to hawk eggs after school because her aunt had to make more money to afford to feed them. She smiled while she talked about her aunt. I think she really likes her. She said her aunt was a widow whose husband died in the third year of their marriage and left her with 2 children. She told me a lot and I wondered why she still believed you were with her. I started to wonder what if there’s indeed a God as nkechi claims..
Anyway, she said she can see the good in me and that I should come to you that only you can fix me. She told me to talk to you; I told her I didn’t know what to say. She said I could write. That if I couldn’t say it I could write it down. That’s why I decided to write to you. I need answers to many questions and I wonder how you will answer. I have so much to talk to you about. Nkechi said I shouldn’t worry “God is the best shrink, tell him all you feel. Everything. Writing was my therapy. It can help you too”
Dear God, If you really exist like Nkechi claims why have you slept for so long? I’m angry. Very angry. Angry at you.



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