This Small world

*clears throat* I wanna wish you a merry christmas, I wanna wish you a…*drops mic* Of course, Its not too early to start wishing people merry christmas guys. Start sharing the love and remember at all times the reason for the season. Christ. The way december is going though, one minute christmas will be in our face and another second 2016 is here. Another week done in just one second. Lol. No. No. I’m not exaggerating.

Well, This week has been rather interesting, infact these past few weeks so I decided why not share these life lessons with you guys on a regular and jam it up in a category? because I really love you guys of course 😊😊😊

This week I learnt:

  • IT IS A VERY SMALL WORLD. A TINY ONE INFACT. lol, the way I’ve been meeting people that know people that I know in one way or the other lately. Its crazy. Its like we are all interwined and connected. Reminds me of the yoruba proverb “omi leyan” humans are like water. This is most important lesson I’ve learnt so far. So please be very careful how you treat people and how you burn bridges because you’ll be surprised who would be the cousin to that ceo of that company of your dreams.
  • Self confidence is everything as people will only see you how you see yourself;  My friend was talking to me about how Britain likes to refer to themselves as “Great  britain” and she said whats great about them sef. Then I remembered Pastor Rotimi bolaji of house on the rock abeokuta preaching about it one time and I repeated the same sentence to her “people will see you how you see yourself”
  • Stand for something. Niyi told me yesterday “If you live by certain principles, people will accept yu for who you are eventually and though they wont say it in your face but they’ll talk about your principles behind you and describe you by those principles you set” and I picked it up. Sincerely if you dont stand for something, you will fall for anything.
  • Knowing when to shut up is a gift given by God; personally i’ve been having this problem. Its takes real wisdom I tell you. Proverbs 29:11 caught my attention today and I realised theres a thin line between been blunt and been foolish. Or maybe theres no such thing as been blunt its just a word this generation cooked up to replace foolishness? As we all know all scriptures is profitable for doctrine for reproof, for correction and for instruction in righteousness. So i’m asking for divine wisdom henceforth especially in learning how to talk especially to new people. If you have the same problem you should talk to God.
  • Having alone time will not kill you. Stop trying to be a “people person” because life is like a party and people eventually leave. People try so hard to fit in these days. It sickens me. How can you be  people pleaser at all cost that you jeopardise your own doctrines when your father in heaven referred to you as a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a pecuilar people? How. Just how? Its a shame.

Thats it guys. 5 great lessons I learnt this week. Cant wait to share next week’s lessons with you guys cause I know i’ll learn more.

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