Blogger’s block ?

Omg. Its been sooooooo long. I’m sincerely really sorry. Ive really been busy. As usual right? Sigh. Lol well thats what i’ve been telling peeps when they ask. But there’s really no excuse tbh; I’ve just really had nothing to say. Funny. Because I’m a big talker/writer when I decide to. And I can just pick up a bible verse and talk about it, but thats not how I roll. Weird as it sounds, I wait on the holy spirit for every post because when it comes to these kinda things you cant do it on your own.

But I have had (because its over from the minute I decided to finally sit and compile this post) this VERY BIG DISEASE called WRITER’s BLOCK(What? You were expecting cancer? Lol God forbid) I’ve always not liked the idea of referring to myself as a writer because I dont have a book or a tangible thing yet but I’ve finally come to logic with this thing I’ve decided to accept this gift I’ve been given and work on it. This block thing was an eye opener.

Anyways, I finally decided to talk about it when my friend teni of asked me what was going on and I opened up to her about “this disease of mine”. I just said “lol no muse to write” and she told me. Fine. Talk about it on the blog. And tadaa. here I am.

And By The Way, I forgot to tell you guys how awesome Ake arts and book festival in Abeokuta, Ogun state was. So many arts people. It awakened my inner man to write again; Thats gist for another day.

Moving on, writing about my writer’s block actually helped. I suddenly have the muse once again. I opened new categories (yaay! Expansion) and I’ll be talking about other things henceforth and theres a write up coming up called Boulevard of hope. Stay tuned. 😁

Although there’s no particular reason for writer’s block but I feel like I’ve been having this faulty relationship with the holy spirit; so I’m working on that too. Maybe in no time I’ll be back bigger and better. And start posting every now and then, maybe weekly or even daily. (Wait, Did I say maybe? I need to fix my faith) No. I’m back bigger and better! Amen somebody.

So who else has had writer’s block or blogger block (if yu wish) and how did you fight it? I’ll like to know.

Meanwhile, please remember to pray for me 💚.

4 thoughts on “Blogger’s block ?

  1. I’ve gone through it on few occasions and most times, I end up closing down the blog to open another.
    There are few causes of writers block and they all boil down to lack of motivation. I can explain
    Lack of motivation does not necessarily mean the absence of the willingness to write nor absence of something to write about, it means the absence of that particular thing (most times, the big picture of why you started writing) that made you start writing.
    Let me use my case for example, presently, I’m going through it but also fighting it.
    My blog was inspired by the holy spirit, I felt that urge in me and all i write are always inspired at the point of writing in the morning but along the line, I created a gap of suddenly feeling too busy to write early in the morning which was set aside as my writing time coupled with my relationship with the holy spirit.
    The solution is get right back with the source, motivation won’t always be there but a conscious and deliberate effort will go a long way. Set out writing time and follow it strictly.

    Thanks for your post, I’m getting right back into writing by Gods grace.

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