9 Questions you’ve been dying to ask

*picks mic* Hola amigos!!

I’m here again. I know. I know. Another monthly post right. Lo siento! Pardon my spanish. ☺️ I’m sorry 🙈
I’m excited about today’s post because Fadeke is not “saying” today! 😊😊
Today you’ll get answers to some of the questions about been a christian you’ve been dying to ask; but I won’t be answering them. My lips are sealed for today. Or is it fingers? 😑
Moving on.
I had the privilege to ask these 5 amazing young christians to give their opinion on several “touchy and controversial” topics that the average christian youth and new converts deal with. Allow me introduce them.
1. Bookie kunlere of http://www.bookiekunlere.com. A natural hair blogger (so she says) but i think shes basically a life blogger. Lol She blogs about everything basically. Hurry and Check her blog. You’ll say I said so.
2. Olamide joseph. A 300l biochemistry student, amazing girl with such great faith. I really admire this young girl because the way we talk about God together is just bliss.
3. Olaoluwa. My good friend. A student also. Great singer. Great actor. Says the truth whether you like it or not.
4. Teniola Fasoro of http://www.letterstewgod.wordpress.com. Fellow blogger. I have a post there. You can check it out. 😁 amazing friend and her enthusiasm about God draws my attention to her.
5. David Osho. Student of the university of lagos, My twitter, instagram and snapchat friend (lol) I’ve noticed how passionate he is too about God. (His twitter: dhavied_o)
There you go. These five amazing people would be giving their opinion on these questions. Just so you know, these 5 people do not know each other and are giving their opinion according to their own scriptural understanding. So, if there are similarities in answers. It only means one thing…
Whew. Thats enough talk.

You’v probably been wondering;
1. Am I allowed to date as a young christian even if I’m not married?
Bookie: There’s nothing like dating in the Bible, if you can quote one, please inform me. It’s only courtship and marriage that is recognized in the Bible.
Olamide: Of course dating is necessary,but then as Christians,our dating should be courtship,in preparation for marriage,not for fun. After all it is not good for man to be alone and whosoever findeth a wife hath found a good thing.
David: It is allowed. It might not be necessary at a stage of one’s life, but would be, eventually. As long as you don’t sin. Also, I wouldn’t date someone I don’t have future marriage plans for.
Olaoluwa: Dating is okay when its a courtship relationship.
Teniola: I think dating is necessary, though in Christendom the ideal term is “courting”. Jacob served 14years in total to marry Rachael, that was courting. Gen29

2. I heard speaking in tongues is not compulsory. Must I speak in tongues?
: Yes Christians should speak in tongues but it’s not a necessity. It’s like trying to reach the top of a building using the stairs (mere language) or using the elevator (speaking in tongues), you already know who will get there faster. For reference, read the whole of Acts of the Apostles.
Olamide: its a must for Christians to speak in tongues mark 11:24,this signs shall follow them that believe,they shall speak with new tongues etc,that is how to know that you’ve actually been saved.morever,praying all prayers and supplication in d spirit. ALL not some.
Olaoluwa: Yes, christians should speak in tongues, it is evidence they have the spirit of God. It is the right of every christian
Teniola: Yes I think Christians should speak in tongues. That is our lucozade boost as believers.Praying in tongues edifies and builds us up. Eph 3:16,1cor 14:4                           David: Speaking in tongues is an obligation for a christian who is “filled with the Holy Spirit”. It is a sign (Acts 2), and a medium to communicate with God when you don’t exactly know what to pray about or how to pray. Let’s ignore the fact that it has been bastardized, it is necessary.

3. Some people say alcohol is allowed so far you don’t get drunk. Others don’t agree. Why shouldn’t I drink or smoke ?
: Christians should not drink or smoke because and our bodies are temples, where God Himself in all His glory resides. 1cor 6:19-20,Eph 5:18.
David: Even if it’s not stated as a Sin in the bible (the bible cautions against it tho, see Proverbs 20:1, Ephesians 5:18), it’s best to shun it. It’s a bad habit that is harmful to the health. Also, it is habitual. God abhors idolatry. Idolatry isn’t restricted to just worshiping idols, it is anything that takes God’s place in our lives like addictions e.t.c
Bookie: Christians shouldn’t drink or smoke because it isn’t godly. For reference read Ephesians 5:18
Olamide: No Christian should drink alcohol and smoke. rom12:2 keep ur body a living sacrifice holy and acceptable which is ur reasonable service.
Olaolu: Christians should not drink alcohol at all, cause you could get drunk.

4. How do I know God is actually the one speaking to me and not just my mind?
God speaks to us through different mediums, not necessarily by hearing Him directly. The closer we get to him, the more He reveals Himself to us, which, in turn results in hearing Him distinctly. The Bible is the right means to hear from God (2 Timothy 3:16). Also, God speaks to us and directs our paths through the Holy Spirit. If you are not sure, you can ask for His help.
Olaolu: You know God is speaking to you as long as it is backed up by his word, most importantly you should study His word well so we can really tell he’s the one speaking.
Teniola: Our minds are usually after our own selfish gain, Jeremiah 17:9,but the spirit of God guides us into all truth and gives us life.
Olamide: Because he put his spirit within us,we have the power to decipher when our father is talking or when our friend is talking.thats why it’s important to have a clear knowledge of God,because,if you don’t know him,you can’t know what or what not he would say.
Bookie: Our minds are selfish and carnal, your mind is anti-thesis to God so for example your mind will tell you to hold a grudge, God will tell you to forgive, simple.

5. What time is ideal for me to pray?
Olamide: 1thess5:17 pray without ceasing,1thess 3:1pray that d word of God may have free course.infact praying is an every time thing.in every book of the bible the word pray must appear.thats to show how much potency it has in the spirit,at times,it’s just your spirit that prayeth. my ideal routine is as led by the spirit o,I may just be walking to the gate and all I can think of is praying in the spirit.
Teniola: We ought to pray at all times. In season and out of season. On the go and even when we are relaxing. ALL THE TIME.
Olaolu: A christian should always pray. Everytime. 😊 but because of daily activities, there should at least be specific time to pray everyday.
David: Though we are expected to pray without ceasing in the bible. Conventionally, I pray in the morning when I wake up and at night before going to bed. Then, also at anytime, as I am led or depending on the burden I have. Which is why it’s important to have the Holy Spirit. He tells you even when to pray.
Bookie: Thankfully there are several forms/types of prayer that are very flexible, I pray at all times, ideally in the morning worshiping/praising/speaking in tongues/thanksgiving and the same at night. In between I say ‘thank You Lord’ randomly for nothing in particular but for anything and everything. I also sing songs of worship in between. Whichever is your strength, do it more, some would rather worship than praise, some would rather speak in tongues than pray in English, do whichever as you are led by the Holy Spirit, God sees our hearts.

6. Is Kissing a Sin?
: I have an extensive post on that, http://www.epiphany29.com/is-kissing-a-sin do read but yes kissing is a sin, for reference read 1 Corinthians 6:9-20.
Olamide: Well,kissing is different for everybody. James 4:17 to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not,to him it is sin. And bible says if our heart doesn’t condemn us then we r justified. So I think it’s personal,if u feel you’re doing something bad then yes it’s a sin. Also,any form of act that would lead you to another sin is sin.
Olaolu: Kissing is only okay if its with married couples. It is a sin if you are not married. Romans 13:14 KJV But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof. When u kiss someone who is not ur husband or wife, You are making provision 4 the flesh to fulfill its lust. Colossians 2:21 KJV (Touch not; taste not; handle not…)
Teniola: This is a tricky question cos it is something I do.I think kissing is a sin because it is a precursor to other things. It can easily go from kissing to touching&other things. Not so many people have the self control and our bodies is the temple of God,1Cor6:19-20.
David: Personally, I don’t see Kissing as a sin. But, I don’t think anyone can kiss without having any sexually affiliated thoughts. In that light, it is best to avoid it, taking Matthew 5:28 as a case study.

7. Is it necessary for christian ladies cover their hair in church?
I don’t know o. I feel it’s a personal conviction. The bible states that women should cover their hair tho (see 1 Corinthians 11;15), but I feel if you talk to God about it, and He doesn’t mind, you are free.
Teniola: This is also a tricky one,personally I don’t cover my hair to church sometimes but I’ll also refer us to 1cor 11:2.
Bookie: Colossians 3:11 says there are no Jews or Gentiles, circumcised or uncircumcised, etc but Christ is all and Christ is in all so the most important thing is salvation, walking with Christ and doing the Word.
Olaolu: It is not necessary. 1corithians 11: 2-7
Olamide: According to 1cor 11:15 her hair is given her for a covering,so to me covering of hair has already been dealt with by God.so a woman shouldn’t be clean shaven or else then clothing be made as covering.

8. What is the worst sin to commit and totally overcome?
: In my opinion the worst sin to overcome is sexual sin. This is because it involves the whole of your being and it is super hard to break from except by God’s amazing grace.
Olamide: I don’t think any sin is unovercome-able as a believer,Christ has already overcomed all sins for us,only unbelievers struggle with sin.1john2:1 if any man sin you have an advocate with d father,Jesus Christ the righteous.
David: My opinion is somewhere in between Pride and Sexual Immorality.
Bookie: There are no big or small sins, a thief is a thief whether he stole 5naira or $500000. There is no sin one cannot overcome through the grace of Jesus and the blood of Jesus (1 Corinthians 1:30), you have to want to be delivered, then the Holy Spirit can help you overcome because we are more than conquerors… Romans 8:37.
Olaolu: I think every form of addiction (sin) can be hard to overcome. But our God is able. Zach 4:6-7

9. The bible dint say anything about pornography. Why can’t I watch porn?
Porn captures the mind and fills it with lustful desires. It is also really shameful because you can find pleasure in other people’s nakedness.
Teniola: Everything is wrong with watching porn. Its like opening a can of worms. It leads to other sins and it ensnares the soul. Prov 4:23,1cor 6:19-20
Olamide: Porn is wrong,because it destroys the mind,out of it spirits the issues of life.1thess 4:7 God hath not called us unto uncleanliness but unto holiness
Bookie: Yes there’s everything wrong in watching porn because you can’t watch porn and not want to practice what you learnt hence masturbation or fornication (1 Corinthians 6:18; avoid immorality/flee fornication).
David: Watching porn is wrong.There is no way you can watch it and not have any immoral thoughts and imaginations, taking a cue from Matthew 5:28 above. (see 1 Corinthians 6:9)

A big thank you guys for sparing me a little out of your time to do this. You guys are amazeballs! 😁😁😁😘

Thats it people! Answers as led by the holy spirit. Remember to like, share and comment. You could still ask other questions that are on your mind but not answered here. Thank me later. What are friends for ? ☺️

19 thoughts on “9 Questions you’ve been dying to ask

  1. Lovely, this is lovely. Well structured questions with well given answers.
    You guys have said it all but to just add to what has been said, I will like to share an opinion with you guys if I am permitted to.

    Concerning the covering of the hair; Apostle Paul advised us not to argue about this but in my opinion, I feel we need to consider that the bible was translated from another language to the English language hence the possibility of a kinda mix-up in translation (I know those that translated the bible were lead by the holy spirit) but I personally feel Apostle Paul would have made no mention of it if there is really no need to cover the hair and while some versions of the bible has it as “the hair is given as a covering”, some has it as “the hair is given for a covering”.

    1 Cor 11:6 says; ‘if a woman is not covered, let her also be shorn’, meaning if a woman does not cover her head, let her go the ‘African queen’ way (skin cut).

    The different use of words might lead to argument but as God will have it, Apostle Paul already warned against this and it is important we obey and like David said, ‘it’s a personal conviction’, I am just more of the “its better to play safe than sorry” kinda guy.

    Thanks once again for this beautiful post, God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful!
    It’s refreshing to see other youths having the same Christian mindset as you.
    Lol yes I talk about everything on my blog but I’m only a natural hair blogger oh!
    God bless you all and thanks Kemi!



  3. Hmmm,that is all I can say because when you get the right message hitted at you then there’s little or nothing to say but I was indeed blessed by the answers I got from the questions.God bless you all

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Thumbs up, Fadekemi, creative composition.
    One thing i’d like to say is the youths of today really needs to get off the reliance of doctrinal impositions by their churches to live their Christianity. Rather, be transformed by the renewing of the mind(through His word), then being able to know the will of God -(what is good and is pleasing to Him and is perfect). Thank you Fadekemi. *hugs*

    Liked by 3 people

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