The old me and the new me are beefing.

Knock knock.
Hi!! 😄😄
*dust cobwebs* its been a while I know. Lol I think I’ve unconsciously made this a monthly post kinda thing.

Notice the blog has a better theme now ? Yaay me ! Lol I’ve been so busy. Too busy. You know that kind of busy that people ask you what you’re busy doing and you really cant explain? That kind that you don’t even know how your time flies anymore. Its like its speeding?
Who else has been so busy? So busy you Sometimes you even feel you don’t have time for God?
Oh! You too?
Sigh. Well, I hate to break it to you but this kind of busy is/was invented by the devil. Yep. You read right. Lucifer himself.
I can relate because I’ve been there, still there sometimes.
You know another thing invented by the devil? Its procrastination. Yep. I’ve being postponing this post for weeks now, its just been lying in my drafts there. The holy spirit had to arrest me 2am sunday morning and I finally decided to finish this post. Lol *whew hallelujah somebody!

In today’s post I just want to charge us not to give up in this fight because we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers… (‭Ephesians‬ ‭6‬:‭12‬) and these powers would stop at nothing to bring us down especially if you’re too hot and burning for christ.
I realized over these past few service-to-my-fatherland months that the old me and the new me are beefing. I didnt notice until I saw a post from someone (remember when I said God could speak to you in any form ?) I follow on instagram that had the same words in it. Then my eyes opened. Lol. Did I just hear you say “isnt that backsliding? Yes hun. IT IS BACKSLIDING. And How did I get to that stage ?
From being TOO BUSY.
The old me saw the little opening which came from being too busy and so decided to bring her bitchy self back. But the new me ? She’s like oh no bitch. This belongs to christ now because old things are passed away and all things have become new ! (2cor 5:17) (please forgive my language) lol thank God for grace and the holy spirit. Who is forever my nigga and BFF. 😁😁😁
I hope you know the devil does not waste time at opportunities. Thats why we have to be sober and be vigilant; because our adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour (‭1 Peter‬ ‭5‬:‭8‬)
I know sometimes it feels like we are legit busy but the truth is we are never too busy for God. He can take away that job, the money, the fame , the family, the wife, the lover, the career thats taking us away from him. Oh yes. He can do as he please.
I believe as believers we’ll all get to a stage where we start to fluctuate but by the grace which is sufficient for us. We are strengthened.
So how do you know when you’ve crossed the line back to the old you? In other words, How do you know when you’re backsliding?
1. You begin to “not see a big deal” in things you started loathing when you decided to walk with christ
2. You start to debate the bible and modify to your own taste.
No. Scratch that. You don’t even remember to read your bible. But based on your previous knowledge you think you already know the whole bible so you can modify.
3. You become too caught up in your life. You don’t remember to pray in the morning. Then when you remember. You say it doesn’t matter I can pray anywhere. ( lol but you used to have morning devotion when you first became a christian oh)
4. You start forsaking the assembly of the brethren. i.e you start missing church. If you were a frequent bible study person. Its even worse.
5. You no longer have a connection with the holy spirit. You are interested with worldly activities now.
6. You forget to pay your tithe.
7. You commit sin freely with no remorse in your heart unlike before when a single lie would prick your heart so much.
I could go on and on. But I’m sure you already know you are backsliding.

Heaven is sad that you’re backsliding. And the good news is we are never condemned no matter how terrible our sin is because jesus is ready to leave his 99 to find his missing 1. That 1 is you and me.
Although the devil will tell you, you’re not worthy to go back to God, The devil will ask you not to sing in church because you are deceiving yourself, the devil will tell you you’re a useless vessel. But we all know who the devil is. YUP. A LIAR.

Please come back. God is missing you. Yes. You go to church but you don’t connect with the holy spirit.
Yes, you pay your tithe, but you still commit sin freely.
Yes, you read your bible but you dont even understand. Yes. You’re a worker in church but you still engage in sexual immorality.
Heaven has not been marking your attendance even if you have full attendance in church.
Talk to him. Tell him you’re sorry whether you are backsliding/backslided. Ask him for forgiveness in all sincerity.
Connect with the holy spirit.
Start paying attention to your bible. If you cannot get a physical copy everywhere you go get a soft copy on your phone.
Get inspirational books (there are e-books too)
Listen to messages from people of God.
Do everything you used to do when you first started this experience.
Pray. Always. (1thes 5:17)
Quench not the spirit. (1thes5:19)
Its time to come back.

13 thoughts on “The old me and the new me are beefing.

  1. The beef between the old us and the new us is so deep ehn, lol that it’s so easy to backslide but we should strive to put Jesus in everything we do.
    If you can’t read the Bible you can listen to sermons and vice versa.
    I pray for more grace so we don’t backslide.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank God for the grace to come. It doesn’t matter who you are,it doesn’t matter what you have done with Jesus you can start all over again. He makes all things new. God bless you Fadakemi


  3. Nice write up fadeke,trust me when I say I have been there.Most times,there are situations that I do go through and I have this thought that it’s God punishing me for some bad things I have done in the past and the devil pops up this idea of God not interested in my case again,and I just go Awol but despite my going back and forth,God has always been faithful and I know that he is so much interested in my case and I pray to be fully committed to his course and not go back and forth.God bless you my paddy


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