Music and God.

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Hey people!
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So today’s topic has been such a controversy over the years for this generation of “christ believers” especially the youths. I’m focusing on the “believers” because usually this is not an issue for unbelievers, their choice of music is personal basically. Its a short post but i just had to address this issue.

So overtime, I’ve realized how “christians” and even the “non-believers” who feel they have the right to speak about your faith, are quick to judge people by the kind of songs they find in your playlist. They refer to songs that are not talking about God as “worldly music.”
Scratch that.
They refer to songs from gospel artistes as the legit ones a Christian should listen to and refer to others as “worldly music.”

I would like to state expressly and clearly that the bible tells us to listen to things that edify us. The bible also tells us to praise God at all times. But the bible dint say we should only listen to songs from tasha cobbs and frank edwards. I stand corrected.

So I wonder why someone would condemn someone else from listening to korede bello’s “Godwin” or chidiinma’s “if no be God” just because they’re not frank edwards or kenny kore. Really its not about the preacher. Its about the message.

The other day I heard a pastor criticized another church for inviting korede bello to their church to sing his song “godwin”. Really? Sigh. Our generation is full of hypocrites and bunch of people trying so hard to fit in. He actually said korede bello is not born again. I’m like “oh so we can now see people that are born again from the forehead”

Personally I listen to all kinds of songs. Love songs (which is the most important commandment. LOVE), rap, r n b etc so far it edifies and makes absolute sense (I actually google lyrics to confirm) I’m a very deep person and when I hear a particular song I listen to the words in the song, so even when people refer to a song as worldly and I can relate with the song I don’t mind. I don’t even listen to some Christian songs because they actually make no sense.
What is annoying is that some individuals would complain about others and even feel more holier than them because they have gospel songs and others don’t.
My tailor once told me this and I held on to it ever since ” that the issue of no make up, no music or no particular type of dressing is associated with the heart and your level of grace so if your heart condemns you as a believer then don’t do it” P.S THIS ONLY WORKS FOR BELIEVERS OH. DONT GO AROUND COMMITTING SIN AND LIVING LIFE ANYHOW AND CLAIM YOUR GRACE COVERS YOU OR THAT YOUR HEART DOES NOT CONDEMN YOU.

Lol, So what makes a song a worldly song? A song by beyonce or rihanna ? Or a song that doesn’t edify?

*drops mic*

I’ll like to know if there are contrary opinions on today’s post. please scroll back up and click on the comments section to comment and don’t forget to subscribe to get notifications for new posts. Thanks and God bless. 😘 😘

6 thoughts on “Music and God.

  1. My “daughter” asked me this question some days back and I said any song that doesn’t edify you or God in you shouldn’t be listened to because what you listen to makes you.
    If you listen to The Weeknd all the time you will start thinking of drugs and sex and the Bible says what a man thinks in his heart, so is he.
    All things should be done in moderation as well.
    Stick to songs that edify and glorify God, I think it’s that simple.

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  2. Lol olaolu. Thanks for your point. But i remain on the point that all you have to do is listen to the words of the song. Music is so deep its not just about the beat or sound. Some songs talk about love, human interaction, hate, human character , war, chaos. These are things that happen in the real world. May the holy spirit help us.


  3. Hmm, Fadeke, I hear u o, but let admonish here; Ps 1:1 says “blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers”
    This post, if not read carefully, can promote the lustful will of believers to listen to ‘worldly’ songs , *justsayin*
    As for me, as a music person, i’ll say it is much better not to listen to them(if at all), because it’s capable of allowing our fleshy nature have its way, and the true thing about Christianity is no ‘two-sideness’ it’s either you are white or black, just like the song by Jonathan Mcreynolds -”no Grey’.
    At the same time, I don’t like some so called ‘gospel songs’ they don’t carry message @ all. its just junk..
    However, the Bible should be our guideline for EVERY affair of life. And the standard of the Lord remains sure! Thank u Fadeke, next time, at d begining of ur posts, always add that readers should read the comments too. *hugs*

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  4. Hello Fadeke,

    I enjoyed the depth of this well-written post 🙂

    I agree with you, I sincerely believe that God is more focused on the inner being rather than the outward appearance. He sees our hearts, after all, he is omniscient.

    Regarding music, whilst the lyrical content of some in the non-gospel genre might be a bit too explicit, a good number of them are actually inspiring. Take for example Beyonce’s “I was here”, it basically tell one to live their lives with purpose and make a positive impact on the world.


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