Are you listening?

Hey guys! Yes , yes. I know. I’ve been MIA. I’m so sorry. I’ve been so busy with stuff. Nysc camp also took the whole of may from me. (Ogun camp was bliss by the way at least beyond what i expected. I should do a review soonish). Also my laptop charger is bad. Sigh. And i’ve been trying to improve on this blog. Don’t fret. I’m here now. 😄

This post is so long overdue. Whew. Better late than never. 😬
I used to wish i was one of those Christians who say “God told me, or God said” but its wasn’t happening! I even put it in my prayer points (lol?) but it wasn’t funny oh. I was really craving to hear from God.
But then one day. I was on a very long queue to withdraw from the atm here in lagos and just two machines were working out of 4 or so, after waiting for a while (like 5people were now in front of me) suddenly a voice inside just told me to use a particular machine that hasn’t been dispensing but I refused to move from the queue and then a woman with a child just tried and it worked. I was like whuuuutt?? 😱 lool and then another voice said “you want God to speak to you but you don’t want to listen” I was just dumb that minute. Our God is so magnificent, its amazing.
It then occurred to me that God had been speaking but I had not been listening, I wasn’t listening probably because I wasn’t fully in the spirit, or I just try to argue the logical with the spiritual.
You know those tiny voices in our head that tells us to do the right things but we just say “I’ll do it another time or i don’t want to talk to her or i’m tired,later”? Yeah. thats the voice I’m talking about.

So many people want God to speak to them and claim God is not talking to them. Are you sure you are listening ? Are you sure you can even hear him? Even if you hear him do you understand him? Because You have to even understand a person’s language before you will be able to communicate with the person. And can two walk together except they be in agreement? (Amos 3:3) Can you even understand that God is telling you something if you’re not a child of God?
Some people even think only pastors are allowed to hear from God. So ridiculous. (I used to think so too) We are all children of God and there are no special treatments except that the grace is different.
Some of us have truly blocked our ears from hearing from him with the traffic of this world. How will you hear him? Those little little things you don’t count as important is probably what God is calling you to do but your attention is focused somewhere else.
Another set of people are those ones that are not interested in hearing him. Sigh. Are you really a child of God if you’ve never heard your Father say anything to you at least a nod or pat on the back ? Or is your father deaf and dumb? Mine isn’t !!

Well, ever since that “encounter” ( lol i call it an encounter because sincerely it changed my mindset. Little it may seem but it was a big way God was speaking to me) God has been talking and i’ve been hearing him !

Now, God sees the sincerity of our hearts and our zeal and with that he gives us different levels of opportunities to know him (which is a.k.a grace) and that was probably why i got my own little encounter in that manner. But He will not bother with an unwilling heart. Are you willing ? Or you just want to join the league of God-told-me-Christians. not like you actually want to hear from him? Are you clean enough ? “Who shall ascend up onto the hill of the lord? He who has clean hands and a pure heart , who has not given his soul up to vanity and has not sworn deceitfully” (psalm 24:3,4)
There are various ways you can hear from God. Through dreams, just from that tiny voice, could be while you’re praying, could be through a prophet, pastor etc, could be through just anyone (a child in fact could just tell you something), could be through a message on the tv, radio or even on the internet.

Could be anywhere at any time. The point is not how God is speaking to you.
It is whether you are prepared to hear him ? Are you listening ?

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