What is beautiful to you?

Hi guys. How has the week been so far? Mine was sortof busy but eyy been busy is a blessing so we bless the Lord 😊

So to the business of the day. Today’s post is rather long. Please pay attention. My friend laolu sent me a little write-up someone wrote and he wanted me to share. I see a lot of sense in it. The original author Tope .S. Aladenusi titled it “walking in the spirit” but I changed the title because I looked at it from another perspective. Here goes:

“I recall playing games with my relatives when I wanted to introduce my  fiancée (now my wife) to them. I had two pictures for the game; one tucked in my right trouser pocket and the other in the left pocket. After discussing my conviction to marry her and how wonderful she is, they were really eager to see her picture. Unlike today that we could have so many pictures on our phones to display, it was novel at that time to have a phone take and store pictures. So I dipped my hand into my right pocket and brought out the picture I took with a missionary who was about 5 years older than me. We had taken this picture looking exhausted after returning from a missionary trip in Niger state, Nigeria. Her dress was rugged for the mission trip, while her hair was covered with a headscarf and of course there was no makeup on her face. I handed this picture to my relatives while I fastened my gaze on their faces. I could not believe the conversation that ensued.

There was a deep silence in the room, then after a few seconds one of my relatives sighed and asked – “are you sure this lady is the will of God for your life?” While I was thinking of the best way to respond, another mentioned – “well, I really don’t know what to say”. I was perplexed by the expressions of disappointment I got that day and I had to quickly tell them that was the wrong picture. I brought out the picture of my wife dressed gorgeously in her Sunday best, taken by a very good photographer. “Wow!” Their faces came alive as they were hugging me and confirming to me that … “yes, this looks like ‘the will of God for you’”. Although I should have been happy at such a rousing acceptance, I was very sorrowful, because this is a classic example of how believers of today may miss the move of God in their lives when they make judgments based on outward appearances.

Our generation favours the spectacular, but spiritual things are not always spectacular. Many people miss out on the great things God wants them to do just because those things show up in unassuming ways, just as Jesus Christ was born in a manger. If we must always make miraculous decisions that will bring about powerful outcomes in our lives and on those around us, we must train ourselves to identify and follow the nudging of God in our hearts, even when they don’t appear spectacular. Therefore, we need to learn to see with our inner eyes.”

This is where I cut the story to make my point. The question is. What is beautiful to you? People (guys esp) have made mistakes in life because we thought that person was beautiful. We gave beautiful a definition. We confined our mind to a certain kind of thinking. We accepted society’s definition of beautiful. We see those hot legs and great physique and we are blinded. We have judged people wrongly based on outward appearance.

Some “believers” even have the perfect idea of spouse they expect from God. They do not want to hear what-ifs. “I trust God” “God will not give me what I don’t want” lol. Please understand your God well. Sonetimes God wants you to do something special in a person’s life, but you miss the opportunity from looking at the outward. Looking for perfect. “Mr Right” “Most beautiful” Of course even God himself would not look on the outside (1sam 16 v 7) but at the heart.

To cut the story short. Lol. Don’t let people tell you what your idea of beautiful is. Dont let them tell you what you can do and cannot do. Dont let them discourage you about who you choose. Who you can date and cannot. Who to love and not love. People will always talk. Just talk to God and be sure. Thats all.

Most especially remember;

All that glitters is not gold.

6 thoughts on “What is beautiful to you?

  1. Everything about the writeup is just so real… The truth is God accepts everybody; be good, bad, ugly, beautiful. He never selects, we have all been picked by God… But human beings always wants to follow flashy things(things of the world)… God help us all.

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  2. Hmmm,this post practically reminds me of a conversation I had with my friends a night b4 a sisters wedding…what is beautiful on the outside today might be ugly on d inside tomorrow and vice versa.and as *meetellay has pointed out,only God directs ones path.Nice one Fadeke :*

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  3. Finally, I found the comments column:-😄. Nice one Fadekemi, thanks for acknowledging me😄.
    From my angle, I’d say “beautiful” is not the main pressing issue here because, only from the angle view of ladies are we going to use words like ‘beautiful, house material, respectful… etc’. On the other hand, we use words like ‘handsome, tall, rich and God-fearing’ etc… I’ll say it’s okay to look out for these attributes in an intending spouse like it’s being done everywhere especially in the secular world.
    Now, in review of your Last paragraph, I’ll say that it’s not ideal to ignore TOTALLY people’s opinion, advice and approval on your choice of spouse, the Bible says “… In the multitude of counsel, there is safety…”, but still doesn’t mean that one should now take all advice from different random relatives but, to a certain point where his or her spirit is in agreement with, that is why as xtians, understanding how God speaks especially through people matters.
    Anyways, prov:3:6 says “in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He willi direct your ur path.” thank you

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