Church-going or God fearing

Lol so recently i was listening to this song and it was about a lady that wanted to get married desperately. So they asked her what kind of man she wants, next thing she said was “I want a God-fearing man”. I just laughed. Cause most people don’t even know what it means to be truly “God-fearing”

So I decided to do a little review of what it means to be actually God-fearing. In my opinion anyway..
A “God-fearing” man does not detest chastity
.. Does NOT hit anyone. Male or female
… Does NOT drink or smoke
… Is NOT covetous
… Does NOT lie
… Is NOT selfish
… Is NOT tribalistic
… Is NOT lazy
… Works hard
… Honors his father and mother
… Does not practice idolatry by worshipping things of the world (e.g FOOTBALL, PES, a particular style of dressing)
… Is fruitful
… Does not encourage SIN
… Keeps ALL the laws of his religion (leaving no one out)
… Is friendly
… Does not complain
… Prays (1 thes 5:17)
.. Abstains from all appearance of evil
… Knows what it means to actually LOVE someone like the love christ has for the church. And many others but most especially

….. is holy.

Usually, this kind of men are called pastors and referred to as being too “religious” but sincerely thats what it means to fear God. 🙏 fearing God means you’ll do everything to please him because you’re afraid of his judgement. It means your conscience is always active towards holiness.

Brother, you can’t say you fear God and be collecting bribe at work. 😿
How can you claim to fear God if you watch porn every now and then? 👎
You still request for nudes from ladies ? 😧
You fear God but sex before marriage is not a big deal? 😒
You claim to fear God but you still tell lies and say it’s just a small lie. 😹
Brother , you shld ask yourself again. Do I really fear God ? Or am i just deceiving myself? Remember (Gal 6:7)

Sister, are you ready for this kind of man or you’re just kidding around ? Sister do you even deserve this kind of man?

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